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On Balance, Was the Iraq War Worth It?

Andy544 Wrote: Mar 21, 2013 1:35 PM
The man was a ruthless, murderous crazy, as were his sons, who would have succeeded him. The ONLY mistake that I can see was done with Saddam was not finishing him in 1991, when his war machine was broken, and the road to Baghdad was wide open. As for the nation of Iraq itself, nothing is going to fix the situation in that country this side of Armaggedon and the Millennial kingdom. A mind boggling waste of men and material and treasure to attempt to 're-make' that country into a western style participatory democracy!
cchuba Wrote: Mar 21, 2013 1:43 PM
Andy, so that was our ONLY mistake? So you really believe that the U.S. can fix the world but we just have to be smart about it, so 1991 was our chance because toppling him them would NOT have brought in the same Shia majority then that is ruling Iraq today. Also, in 1991 there would have been NO power vacuum created by the fall of the Sunni's and Saddam's army, that only happened because it was 15yrs later.

How about this, IT IS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS PERIOD! We do not belong in the nation building business.

Ten years ago this week, the United States led an invasion of Iraq with the explicit purpose of overthrowing Saddam Hussein. The preceding months had been filled with vehement protests against the impending war, expressed in editorials, in advertisements, and in rallies so vast that some of them made it into the Guinness Book of World Records. With so many people against the invasion, who supported it?

Well, if you were like the great majority of Americans – you did. In February and March 2003, Newsweek's polls...