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No Way Out

Andy544 Wrote: Dec 15, 2012 8:51 PM
Brutally honest assessment. The only thing propping up this false economy is faith in the dollar. Once that is totally eroded by the Fed's actions it will be game, set, match. Our economy is being propped up by monetization of the debt, by the Fed, and massive deficit spending, enabled by the Fed's zero interest rate policy. Washington seems to think this can go on indefinitely without adverse consequence. The laws of economics can be ignored, but the consequences of violating them cannot be put off forever. The entitlement society favored by Obama will collapse at some point, and there will be lots of hungery, and angry, folks who have forgotten how to take care of themselves.

By upping the ante once again in its gamble to revive the lethargic economy through monetary action, the Federal Reserve's Open Market Committee is now compelling the rest of us to buy into a game that we may not be able to afford.  At his press conference this week, Fed Chairman Bernanke explained how the easiest policy stance in Fed history has just gotten that much easier.  First it gave us zero interest rates, then QEs I and II, Operation Twist, and finally "unlimited" QE3. 

Now that those moves have failed to deliver economic health, the Fed has doubled the size...