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It's a Christie Thing

Andy544 Wrote: Jan 17, 2013 12:37 PM
Just another big government establishment CINO from Blueland (the Northeast). I notice the faux conservative media talking heads (O'Reilly and Coulter) stumbled all over themselves praising and promoting this guy. If you loved Romney, McCain, Dole. and both Bushes, then you will love the Governor of New Jersey also. More of the same that we have been getting from the faux-conservative Republican party for the past 30 years! Btw...... the last time this country elected as POTUS a Governor from New Jersey - smiling, urbane Woodrow Wilson- he brought us the IRS, the Federal Reserve, and brought us into WW-1!

Let me say on the record that I don’t really care about New Jersey. I know very little about it. But, I know this much: I don’t want to live there and I don’t want the rest of the United States to resemble New Jersey.

For me New Jersey is the Joe Piscopo character asking anyone and everyone “Are you from Jersey? I’m from Jersey.”

Also, I’ve never seen the TV show “Jersey Shore,” but still I don’t like it. And know that I don’t want the rest of the country to resemble it, either.

It’s the state that elected...