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Have Some Evangelicals Simply Left Their Bibles Behind?

Andy544 Wrote: Mar 30, 2013 1:24 AM
"Many evangelicals are still firmly, optimistically, and sincerely on the Barack-Bridge. When will they realize that in order to cross it completely en route to the new promised land of change, they will have to lighten their load and leave some stuff behind? And at the top of the heap of discarded stuff there will be a lot of Bibles." You did some bridge building of your own with that statement, Mr.Stokes. Absolutely true. Either they will CHANGE with the times (Obama promised us CHANGE, and make not mistake, that is exactly what he intends to bring). or they will anchor their lives upon the ROCK of God's word, Jesus Christ. One way, or the other.... impossible to do BOTH at the same time!

In January of 2009, there was a furor over President-Elect Barack Obama’s selection of California mega-church pastor Rick Warren to pray at his first inauguration. Four years later, another mega-church pastor, Louie Giglio from Atlanta, was awkwardly uninvited to pray at Mr. Obama’s second inaugural.

Four years turned out to be a long, long time.

On the surface, playing the Warren card back then appeared to be a masterstroke by Obama – one that further demonstrated impressive political skills, the kind that took him from a backbencher in the United States Senate, to the highest office in the...