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Fiscal Cliff Notes

Andy544 Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 9:39 PM
We have a nation of moral and economic illiterates. That is how the Obama administration is, with a self-satisfied 'smirk', playing out the charade about the 'rich paying their fair share'. If the government CONFISCATED ALL THE WEALTH of the 100 richest Billionaires in the U.S.,the seized cash would pay down only ONE YEAR of the four year's of trillion dollar deficits racked up by this administration. The problem- as ANY person with any sense or integrity can tell- is NOT with too few taxes being collected from the rich- the problem is stratospheric, out-of-control government spending.
Andy544 Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 9:41 PM
And the GOP is absolutely failing to deal with this issue...thus, for all intents and purposes, we have a failed government in Washington DC that is, in reality, a corrupt Kleptocracy..

Amid all the political and media hoopla about the "fiscal cliff" crisis, there are a few facts that are worth noting.

First of all, despite all the melodrama about raising taxes on "the rich," even if that is done it will scarcely make a dent in the government's financial problems. Raising the tax rates on everybody in the top two percent will not get enough additional tax revenue to run the government for ten days.

And what will the government do to pay for the other 355 days in the year?

All the political angst and moral melodrama about getting "the rich" to pay...