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The sweet thing about this revelation is that the useful idiots parading as the main stream media will either get disgusted by the inequity and see how they are being used OR become more isolated and abased because a little more shame is easier than the first shame.
And they are remarkably efficient at it. You are right in that this is a carefully orchestrated demo. First the demo then the rebuild as the new Peoples Republic of America. Congress is already getting in practice by having their genitals removed.
This administration is doing just what it wants to do. With the crying wimps waving the constitution at them, threatening them with more hearings and tongue lashings, they are validating, even making a joking mockery of the Republican's impotence.
Just a page out of Alinsky's book - the snowstorm of incompetence serves to desensitize the populace. 20 years ago if someone had done any one of these things they would have been run out. Nixon got it for just covering up. It will be interesting how this Bergdahl thing plays out. O scored by not only saving a traitor that cost 6-8 lives and measurably reduced morale, but he advanced his agenda to further the cause of Allah by releasing the terrorists. This is carefully orchestrated incompetence.
Liberal drone DoctorX points to those saying that O is destroying our country as wolf criers. I think he shows us that one of the ruses O uses relies on your average citizen being only worried about what is going on in Hollywood and whether he can get his soda supersized. To say that O is destroying the US is seemingly preposterous. Even when the collapse comes (and it will by careful design), these low information voters will be unaware of why it really happened and incapable of reconstruction of liberty.
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Horton Hears the Who

Andy53 Wrote: Jun 02, 2014 5:55 PM
Reading the comments on this post made me appreciate Dr. Adams' use of sarcasm. Any liberal responding will be so stupid it will sound like sarcasm, which makes Adams' point. What a Who-t.
Which begs the question: what will it take for Prof. Noir to have a paradigm shift? For Dr. Adams, it was a trip to a prison. For me it was just about getting fired. When Prof. Noir has constructed his very life and sustanance around racism and bigotry, he is complicit in promoting it and probably can't change. But Christ got to St. Paul, Dr. Adams and me, so not all hope is lost.
And that hate allows Dr. Adams to lead his arguments around like a puppy.
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A Young College Grad Calls My Show

Andy53 Wrote: May 27, 2014 6:18 PM
The fact that the Nazis thought it was good to purge the earth of Jews and we think it is evil does not make the truth subject to opinion. What the Nazis did was absolutely evil regardless of the Nazis' opinion. Syria is absolutely more evil than the USA by any objective measure. Evil and good are not opinions. Thankfully you and I are not in charge of them.
I simply look at the preponderance of evidence. Yes, liberals tend to think their stuff doesn't stink, but when the anti-life shoe fits, and it fits very well, they need to show it off.
Public executions serve as a deterent both to the criminal and to the society that thinks lightly of using capital punishment. If you use capital punishment, the standard should be high, like society has to protect itself from psychopathi killers.
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