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Why All My Ex's Live In Texas

Andy440 Wrote: Jun 27, 2012 12:38 PM
Texas is what much of this nation USED to be before the unions, the 'progressives' and the big government secular socialists took over: Bible-believing, free-enterprise, and FREE. God bless the great State of Texas- hang on to your principles and don't compromise them...
Not only do my ex’s live in Texas, but your ex’s, and pretty much everyone else’s ex’s as well. All of America is moving to Texas. Especially the ex-residents of high tax states like California and New York. And, I'll bet many of the ex-residents of Big Brother tax and spend Massachusetts, Illinois and Michigan are there too.

The fact is Texas led the nation in net population growth for the past decade, while New York and California led the nation in net population loss. Interestingly, the most new Texans (over 550,000) came from one state- California. They brought with...

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