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How Gov. Brown Ruined California in His First Term

Andy440 Wrote: May 15, 2012 11:21 AM
AND, because California will issue a State Drivers' license to any warm body who will show up at the DMV and take the test (no questions asked about citizenship); and because Driver's licenses are used as the means by which people register to VOTE, that means, potentially, there are MILLIONS of ILLEGALS, who are not even legally eligible to be living in this country, who are NOW VOTING in our elections! The Democrats/Socialists have got their 'bullet proof' voting majority, and the Republican money bags have got their 'cheap labor'. The only ones getting 'screwed' are the tax paying American middle class!

California, like Greece is perpetually in fiscal trouble. Overoptimistic revenue forecasts coupled with spending $2 billion more than expected has California in a deep hole. Governor Jerry Brown has the same non-solution as ever, hike taxes.

Brown wants a "temporary" (as in seven years) tax hike. Given we all know there are no such things as temporary tax hikes in California (seven years is permanent enough in the first place), and also given the California school budget needs an axe, I say let him.

Please consider California deficit has soared to $16 billion, Gov. Jerry Brown says

Gov. Jerry Brown...

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