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Well said. Whenever I hear "they're all bad" tied to an article about Republicans, I know it's another commenter like Dyadd that only tries to hurt Republicans.
Please provide evidence for your bet.
Good to see that the progressive trolls are out in force. Barber is discussing an article / survey / study which devastates an oft-repeated falsehood that hurts marriage and those who wish to engage in it. You wish to manipulate that by discussing your fantasy. Homosexual males in states that allow same sex "marriages" are mostly not marrying, and those that do are mostly not staying married. It was not about the ability to marry, it was about the behavior being sanctioned by the state with the force of law against anyone who made any statements to the contrary.
The article, the evidence, nor the survey support your points.
And we note that he doesn't reply to any of these messages, ergo - you're dead on, lass. :-)
It requires a sophisticated weapons system to knock a plane out from 30k feet. You need trained military personnel (more than 1) to operate this.
And they are actively keeping international investigators out until they have finished cleaning up the evidence... We have friends with relatives in the area. There are armed men people keeping investigators and reporters away from the area.
Literally at gunpoint. What's worse is that Mr. Paul points out that this is a sophisticated weapons system that was required to shoot the airliner down from 30k feet, and carry that to the obvious conclusion - it was likely enabled by the Russian military. They'd already used it to shoot down 2 other planes, and they accidentally got a civilian plane this time... Oops.
There is a large amount of evidence, and there is virtually no evidence that it was Ukraine. Ron Paul has shown again why he will never be President - he is a master at shooting himself in the mouth with ignorance. He is a brilliant man, who's grasp of fiscal and domestic issues is outstanding, but every time he discusses foreign policy, he comes across as an apologist for dictators and almost as anti-American as our Dear Leader.
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Is the IRS Lying?

Andy372 Wrote: Jun 25, 2014 1:08 PM
The IRS employees know that they will not be prosecuted. They are laughing at the few congresscritters that are fighting valiantly to keep this alive. The press is on their side, the DOJ won't touch it, the establishment Representatives supported their efforts, and the Dems loved it. - And the Supreme Court has just (again) proven that their politics trumps the Law. Who's going to prosecute?
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