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Just sad. Tillis makes good points, then is seen with Chief RINO McCain, and has most of his support from anti American groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. If he wins it will be despite the massive spending and despite the support of these groups.
Ok, hands raised, who's surprised that the extremely political justice department was misleading a judge in order to disproportionally punish someone who had been so successful in making his master look so bad.
Well said - and makes more sense than any other explanation for why leftys stand up for Islam so well.
Actually, we didn't lose in Vietnam. The parallels between Vietnam and Iraq are striking. In both places, the military had egregious ROE placed upon them, and still emerged victorious. We tried to help strengthen the powers that be, and encourage them to play nice, but were not allowed by the U.S. civilian powers to set up the governing bodies that enabled Germany and Japan to successfully recover from their collective insanity. Then, the Dems in Congress stopped funding and forced an early withdrawal, which lead to the speedy failure of the powers that were left, resulting in massive casualties as the evil powers rushed into the vacuum left behind. Oops.
Well said - well argued, and I agree.
And they would be? This is not even up for debate if someone is remotely familiar with the New Testament.
Well said!
Better to vote against the Democrat with a vote for the Republican, then harass the cr@p out of them, and try to get the squishies out the next term.
Well said. Thom Tillis is the establishment's choice, but we're seeing the results of disengagement in the Courts. Unfortunately, our need to kick Hagan out exceeds our need to "send a message" to the squishy establishments.
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