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Is Gosnell responsible for every abortion in this country, all 30+ million of them? No. He is responsible for what he has done, and Abortion in itself is not on trial, as Bozell and every other anti abortion fanatic would have you believe. Late term abortions are few and far between and if these were illegal, Gosnell will get to pay the price for it. However, IN THIS COUNTRY, a man is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. When I hear his defense, I will make up my mind then, and not convict him because I don't like his profession. I also remember the Dr. Sam Shepard case, which is one very good reason not to try this case in the media.
What part of "to profess" and professor do you not understand?
I have asked this before and no conservative could answer: I can name 5 top flight liberal colleges; Can you name 5 top flight conservative Colleges? If not, why not? USC is arguably in the top 10 if not the top 5. Everything the professor said is true, in my estimation. Can he defend his statements? if he can, what are Prager and the student complaining about? Of the 6 points Prager made about the professor, only one had possible validity; guess which one?
Dennis: What part of Profess and Professor do you not understand? What part of private university - as opposed to public university like UC - do you not understand? What part of capitalism do you not understand: if you don't like the product, what the professor has to say, take your money/tuition to another school of your choice. This is the second column on TH by conservatives up in arms over what is taught at a private university. What part of free speech do you not understand?
If the anti abortion lobby did not lie so much in its rants, the Gosnell trial might come into focus. Late term abortions are legal under certain circumstances. Are they horrific? Absolutely and no sane mother or doctor gleefully chooses them. they are needed for certain medical reasons, most of which are readily apparent and none of which Shawn or MRC have bothered to mention. The prosecution has a minimal case against the doctor and is using the most explosive images possible for a guilty plea. When the defense has it's turn, your anti abortion plank will be shredded.
What part of equal rights don't you people get? If your church does not recognize gay marriage, OK, fine by me. But the government does, which is also fine by me. This is a civil society, not a theocracy which you should be very glad of. Because if it were my theocracy, most of you would be burnt at the stake in the village square to drive out the demons infesting your souls.
Utter nonsense is the idea of a student trying to tell a professor what he can and cannot profess. It is a private school and if the student does not like what he is being taught, he is free to leave and pay his tuition at a school of his choice. FYI, last time I checked, SC had an endowment of 3.5 billion and a yearly operating budget of nearly 400 million. A student is upset with the curriculum? Too darn bad. take your money elsewhere.
Arrogant idiotic conservatives, not necessarily republicans but most likely, will lose every battle when they try to redefine the English language or look for loop holes to support their position.
The little nimrod is still paying, or his parents, or we are via student loans, 21k per year for tuition. It is a private college and if he does not like it he can go to a real school of his choice, like Patrick Henry.
I did not know. Is it all for the political science department or is it more likely DoD related. Another clueless conservative.
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