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Obama's Vacation Blues

AndrewWhitehead Wrote: Aug 18, 2014 9:27 PM
It's quite a sight; the former SOS blasting her ex-boss, the failed president, for policies that she not only endorsed, but put into effect. It'd be funny if people's lives weren't on the line. I've heard it said that "All revolutions eat their young"; I'm guessing there is a lot of salt being passed at the White House. I'm curious, but not really, how does spit-roasted Hillary taste? Guess I can write the White House chef and ask?
Poor Jimmy...kicked out of office, he still doesn't understand why. He fails to remember Iran and Panama among his numerous failures. I really do believe he believes his own propaganda. I say we bestow upon him the title of "Elder Statesman of The United States", give him a big, red sash to wear...and put him in a plush office somewhere where he can issue orders, make proclamations, etc., that no one will read. Yes, Jimmy, we all know it's the Jews fault for refusing to commit suicide. Yes, Jimmy, Israel is an apartheid state. Yes, Jimmy, Jews murder 10 million people a day. No, Jimmy, you weren't a failed president. Yes, Jimmy, the whole world thinks you are god's advisor.
Ventura lost me when he continues the lawsuit after the 'defamer' had died. The widow didn't deserve that.
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Have You Taken Your Obama Oath?

AndrewWhitehead Wrote: Aug 08, 2014 8:05 PM
Is anyone at the "Beast" older than 12? They recall the "loyalty oaths" of the early half of the last century? A loyalty oath than not many members of the "Beast" could take today, without being a liar.
You left out one major point; the people trusted Reagan. He told us it would be hard and we'd have to endure to jump start growth...he didn't BS us into thinking he was god's advisor.
And think of the high-paying jobs for those who have to maintain these machines.
I tend to agree; at first I though Obama(PBUH) was working to destroy the country...now I think he's just plain stupid. As in "Jimmy Carter Stoopid".
What? What makes the Air Force different from "boots on the ground"? War is not a sanitary thing; it is dirty and people die. You either commit or you do not. Half-fighting is what lost us Viet Nam...and later, Iraq and Afghanistan.
Really? Do you know the role that US unions played in destroying communism in Poland? Hungary? Czechoslovakia? No, of course you don't. My point? It isn't just the government "spreading democracy", it is US institutions that recognize terrorism for what it is...and want to kill it...like normal people. No, I don't wan to be policeman to the world...but neither do I want to be a slave in a dictatorship.
Better to be "progressive"? A progressive rolls over like a sick dog and licks his sack while trying to ignore the guy kicking him. Clue to you: we know who the Islamists are going to kick next...and unlike your progressive ideas, we normal folks don't want to be kicked...now or ever. So, you go ahead and tell the terrorists how much you love them, understand them, want to feed and clothe them...maybe they'll let you be lucky enough to be murdered last.
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