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Once again, the US government punishes those who: 1) Obey the law; and 2) Are successful. If you cheat, the government will let you off as long as you are "one of the good guys" i.e., Obama(PBUH) supporter. If you are successful, you are taxed to death. If you are not successful, you get a government subsidy and no tax bill. I'm not surprised more companies aren't moving to North Korea; they'd be more welcome.
Are you really that dense?
So...California has, once again, muddied the water on something that...to a sane person is perfectly obvious. If a girl leans in towards me, that is "nonverbal consent" to have sex? How close does she have to lean in? (Will I need a ruler to measure?) "Nodding the head" How much "nodding"? Once, twice, three times? What is it's only half a nod, does that count as "yes" or "no"? If the person is drugged/drunk, can I call a cop to administer a test to see if the girl can consent? (How drunk does she need to be for it to be "no"?) What if the cop says "no"? If she is sleeping, can I prod her with a cattle prod to see if she is really sleeping? Some folks here have said a consent form should be carried at all times...good idea, but where you gonna find a notary at 3 in the morning on a Saturday night? I know! The State of California can hire 10,000 notary's to cover all California campuses 24/7!
I'm only surprised that Holder and his thugs aren't suing the venue for denying protection to the gangsters...from other gangsters!
Good to see that Holder is upholding the very low standards and lack of morals of the Democrat Party.
Now I understand why Obama(PBUH) does what he does...there is nothing in his background to suggest he knows what the law is and how it works. No, don't send me hate e-mail telling me he's a "constitutional scholar", he clearly isn't...if he ways, he wouldn't do the stupid things he does, every day.
How do you know? With all the great "press" he gets from the "journalists" at the daily briefing...I'm wondering if the white envelopes, stuffed with Euro's aren't passed out when the cameras are off?
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The Ferguson Feeding Frenzy

AndrewWhitehead Wrote: Aug 22, 2014 4:13 AM
When are Sharpton (he of the burning down and death by arson at Freddie's Fashion Mart), and Jackson, (he of Hymietown fame; and hustling Anhauser-Busch into giving his kid a no-work distributorship to buy "racial peace")...going to just go away? Time for Jackson to turn in blood-spattered MLK shirt; MLK wasn't your mentor; he wouldn't know you. Sharpton? What will it take to shut his pie-hole? Neither of these two "reverends" (where did they get their degree's from; the back of a pizza box?) practices any known religion.
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Obama's Vacation Blues

AndrewWhitehead Wrote: Aug 18, 2014 9:27 PM
It's quite a sight; the former SOS blasting her ex-boss, the failed president, for policies that she not only endorsed, but put into effect. It'd be funny if people's lives weren't on the line. I've heard it said that "All revolutions eat their young"; I'm guessing there is a lot of salt being passed at the White House. I'm curious, but not really, how does spit-roasted Hillary taste? Guess I can write the White House chef and ask?
Poor Jimmy...kicked out of office, he still doesn't understand why. He fails to remember Iran and Panama among his numerous failures. I really do believe he believes his own propaganda. I say we bestow upon him the title of "Elder Statesman of The United States", give him a big, red sash to wear...and put him in a plush office somewhere where he can issue orders, make proclamations, etc., that no one will read. Yes, Jimmy, we all know it's the Jews fault for refusing to commit suicide. Yes, Jimmy, Israel is an apartheid state. Yes, Jimmy, Jews murder 10 million people a day. No, Jimmy, you weren't a failed president. Yes, Jimmy, the whole world thinks you are god's advisor.
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