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Climate "Deniers" Winning the War

andrews Wrote: May 28, 2012 1:06 AM
I did some calculations a few years back on my blog: I used the total annual energy consumption, the earth average per square meter of solar energy, the then best yield from experimental photovoltaic panels of 20%, and the amount of solar panels needed to yield the yearly consumption of the US would cover California, and that did not account for cleaning, failures, space for infrastructure and so on. I think if we are worried about climate change, covering a large part of the nation with solar panels would change the climate much more than CO2 ever could.

“We are winning the war,” was a phrase I heard repeatedly this week. Congressman Sensenbrenner, Vice Chair of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, said: “We won on these issues because we were right.”

Which war? The war that brought together more than 60 scientists from around the world—including astronauts,  meteorologists, and physicians; politicians—comprising the Congressman, a head of state, and a member of the European Parliament; and policy analysts and media for two-and-a-half days in Chicago, in a battle over climate change and the belief that there needs to be real science—more “about honest debate than...

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