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He appoints Biden so that he can get back to his tax-payer funded vaca in Hawaii.
What a surprise! The President using the word "uh" when describing a policy of his.
Is Jindal distancing himself from what Romney said for a potential Presidential run in 2016?
No joke. Before Tuesday night, we said, "Oh, 08 was a fluke. It won't happen again." It did. We say, "Oh, Judd would never win." She will.
It'll happen. If Stuart Smalley can get in, so can she.
So, if you follow that logic, the President is "half-going" to Hell.
Catch 22--if Romney sat and did nothing, they would criticize him. He does what he can to help, and they criticize him.
Why not this much "action" concerning Bhengazi, Mr. President?
Unless Sandy can "blow away" $5 trillion in new debt, unemployment back to where it was when Obama took office and resurrect the four dead patriots in Libya, it won't change much at all.
And Katy Couric was allowed to sit in the media section . . . why?
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