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Sad Violin Alert: Michigan Teacher Upset She Can't Age 47

Andrew336 Wrote: Apr 19, 2012 7:11 AM
Sarah: I'm definitely not a Republican (I almost always find both sides wrong) But Demosthenes is right about one thing..... If you have a pulse you can get certified and teach. It requires more than that to teach WELL, but fortunately for those people they don't have to. I started my MAT back in college and I was disgusted at just how dense my classmates were. These people didn't know their head from their rears in their own disciplines. And you want to know where the rest of us who had straight-A's throughout school, and rocked the SAT's and GRE's? I can tell you this much, we're not in a job that pays $60k capped. In fact, I got a job $60k starting right out of college. Because that's where the top goes.

Union lunacy at its finest. A Michigan teacher, and member of the Michigan Education Association (the teachers' union), has gone on the record protesting an education spending reform bill that would preclude her from collecting health benefits right away when she age 47.

It's hard to decide what's more galling here: the fact that this woman believes she's entitled to retire so early -- on taxpayer funds, I might add -- or that she's protesting a bill that would require teachers to take marginal responsibility for their own retirements.

The nerve of these insensitive, education-hating politicians!