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Tennessee Newspaper to Obama: “Take Your Jobs Plan and Shove it”

andrew317 Wrote: Jul 30, 2013 8:50 PM
Neil Boortz's comments kind of put the problems with our politicians and the rest of our country in perspective. We have abdicated our responsibility to educate our children and grandchildren to teachers unions, whose teachers would never had been qualified to teach thirty years ago. The same applies to voting. Since "motor voting" became vogue in the 90's, we have encouraged the ignorant, the uneducated, crack heads, the felons, the incarcerated, people who are not even citizens and the dead to vote. There is very little time left to turn this around. Here is what Neil has to say.... Our Republic has survived a great deal. We’ve managed to get through a war with states determined to secede from the union (misnamed the “Civil War”). We survived two World Wars and a Cold War. None of those events have threatened this country nearly so much as the combined affect of millions of abysmally ignorant Americans, products of 100 years of a hideous government education and are now walking around with voter registration cards. More Americans can name Kim Kardashian’s new tricycle motor than can name our vice-president. More Americans could write a paragraph on last season’s American Idol competition than could write a single sentence on the IRS campaign against the Tea Parties. If you were offered one penny for every American who makes it a habit to watch Entertainment Tonight or a dollar for every person who reads the front section of their local newspaper, you would be an idiot to go for the newspaper readers. There are simply not enough newspaper readers to pay your next power bill, let alone wisely shepherd our country through perilous times. Bloody wars are easier to survive than idiots with ballots.