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1000 people in attendance for Hillary If they each vote 100 times, that equals 100,000 more votes for Hagan!
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Dear Mitt and Jeb: No, Thanks

andrew317 Wrote: Oct 24, 2014 4:47 PM
Mark, I'll add Christy and Rubio to the list!!!
Close NC borders to NY and NJ!!!!!
Sorry, but I need more than that from him and the hapless GOP.
FLASH: Tillis losing race in NC to an "empty chair" !!! He has no message for voters.
Jarret is the President, Obama just reads what she tells him to!
You mean Obama's Senior Adviser LIED to cover up for Holder!!!!
Offer to take your friends and neighbors to VOTE!!
American taxpayers will have to clean up their mess like we have been doing for decades. Round them up and force them to work it off!
Hagan's empty chair at last nights debate fails to convince potential new voters to support her. Tillis started off slowly but eventually wins debate with Hagan's chair!
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