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Sadly, that is exactly what it is! The GOP is oblivious.
There you go again attacking people of your own party. I think the other people here have you pegged, you are a Democrat!
Henry, I don't think you understand how it works.
Nonsense, we live here and know what is going on in this state with the GOP. You don't. By the way, your constant bragging about your Florida GOP position makes you sound like a typical old angry white guy.
Independents and conservatives will not vote for him unless he gives them a reason to. You and GW don't seem to understand that basic fact.
The Florida GOP is an arm of the DNC. They take their orders from Debbie.
Tillis, there were candidates who could win this race,but your GOP handlers helped defeat them! Now were stuck with you, so man up and act like a winning candidate and get a message!
Now let's do the same thing in North Carolina! Tillis, you might start by NOT inviting RINOS like Chris Christi to our state and start telling average voters what you are going to do to help them!
The TeaParty movement was hijacked by fund raising and seminar companies!
Another Valerie Jarret appointee!
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