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All the borders including the southern one. We don't want the ones in Florida coming back either!
But I doubt it!
And they are elected by people who are too lazy to take position!
Independents have no core values. They don't stand for anything!
He now has the support of union thugs! We feel sorry for you Kansas folks. Maybe you will WAKE UP now and vote!!!!
Kay Hagan and the illegal New York and New Jersey immigrants who have crashed our NC borders are destroying our great state!!! Close I95 South!
Get our troops out of West Africa!!!! Send Obama, Biden, Jarrett, Holder and Clinton!!!!
What is going on now IS NOT a major crash and burn?????
Why haven't we fired Obama?????????????
Won't happen, because no one who thinks that way has a voice in the GOP. We must take control starting at the local GOP and finalize it in Cleveland!
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