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6 Truths About Pornography

Andrew292 Wrote: Jun 03, 2014 12:52 AM
I really hate to say this. But see this article, see everything in it. THIS THIS IS PRECISELY THE SORT OF CRP THAT DRIVES ANYTHING UNDER THE AGE OF 30 INTO THE DEM's. This is the sort of pompous over the top preaching under the guise of conservatism that fuels the far left. Conservatives are supposed to be the party of personal Liberty and Personal Responsibility. Quoting scripture at people to declare "GOD HATES PORN" makes you sound like a member of the Westboro Baptist Church. And that rubs off on all of us. By all means have a discussion on the moral and ethical implications of porn. But for the love of all that is wholly, unless you are standing at a church lecturn delivering an actual sermon please don't lead with Thessalonians, Galatians or similar. It gives them an opening to attack all of us as insane theocrats like the Mulahs in Iran or the Saudi.
So he will be redecorating his kitchen with MORE Soviet Propaganda?
Is this finally enough for a special select committee? How about ethics and fell only charges against Karl Levin. A Senator seeking to so overtly use the IRS to crush political opponents is the height of High Crimes.
Let's not forget the both awful and utterly grand element to Purdue. His name effectively negates Nunn's only real selling point or reason for getting attention. She is riding on familiarity with Sam Nunn's. That the voters will know the name. And it will be the only one they recognize on the ballet. However while Sonny Purdue was never a big player on the national stage, being a soft spoken country vet. He is widely held as one of the best and least controversial politicians in modern Georgia. And a model Governor. People will vote on the Purdue name over the Nunn name.
Oh dear lord! Please Senator Rubio give us a break. The same goes for Ted Cruz. We have an inexperienced overconfident 1 term Senator as President now. See how well that has worked? The same rule applies to you, no matter how much you think you are ready. Go home and come back and talk about it after you start your second term as Governor of Florida. We get good Presidents when we select Governors (Carter excepting) we get lousy when we elect Legislators with no Executive experience. Go with a Governor. Any Governor will be better than what Rubio thinks he can do.
Underdog now = seemingly arrogant up appealing opinionated jerk? Because that's the problem with Meet the Press. It thrived under Russert because Russert talked to people not down at them. Similarly Stephenopolous does well at ABC for much the same reason. The viewers don't sense his inherent disdain and superiority for them. Greggory is similar to CNN's just ended Piers Morgan. You can't program around the clear and unquestionable impression that your host loathes his audience.
Why would anyone assume that it was some editorial mandate from Ailles that Shep "stay in the closet"? Funny thing is Shep always has struck me as a reasonably competent journalist. Is not the far more logical explanation that he has long sought to follow that most basic of journalistic rules, "report the story don't become the story"? He hasn't exactly been closeted. He simply does not discuss that type of element of his personal life in public or on air. Does anyone ask Bill O'Reilly who he is sleeping with? Did anyone ask Barbera Walters (even when she was doing so with a Senator who she was covering as a journalist?) similarly notice that Neil Cavuto does not talk about his MS on screen. He does not wish to be the story. This is an admirable and ethical trait in a journalist.
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A Sterling Example

Andrew292 Wrote: May 02, 2014 5:10 PM
How about being openly mysoginistic and treating every woman you ever come in contact with as a disposable piece of garbage and a sex toy? Honestly look at this dudes record? Look at what he has said openly in court. These controversial fascist statements don't even make his top 10 list of awfulness. The NBA and press has certainly known how vile he is. So why now?
She is not a "citizen" or a "civilian", she is a sworn government officer, not refusing to testify in court. But rather refusing to testify in matters specifically related to her government office before a clear and eniquivocal over site body of duly elected representatives. The 5th Amendment should not come into play here. She has no rights per se. The IRS has no rights. They simply have powers granted them. The governing body can and must demand accountability. Failure to respond to a legitimate over site demand should be treated as treason or sedition.
I propose a 7th change. Do away with the lifetime appointment to the Supreme court. In fact do away with the Federal Supreme Court altogether. Each state has a Chief Justice. So there are 50 of them. They each service a rotating caseload in random groups of 9. Their terms on the court are limited. There is no input, control or pressure from DC or the Federal level.
He wants to take $1 billion from the cities pension fund and spend it to build housing for people that can't afford said housing at reasonable market rates? In other words the inability to pay the billion back into the pension fund is baked into the project from conception? Brilliant! Isn't this sort if thing how we got Detroit?
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