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And the Democratic Party is being run out of offices over at "30 Rock". Which pretty much leaves CNN without a friend in the room. I understand Ralph Nader might be looking for a patron news channel. Maybe they should call him.
At what point are the states going to finally take issue with the loss of their constitutionally guaranteed sovereignty?
One seemingly petty point here (and god help me for even partially defending the DEM's) I'm kinda growing weary of always seeing these type stories pointing fingers at the politically connected scums party, as if that has anything to do with the almost universal prominence of bad behavior, self entitlement and sociopathic behavior that seems to infect a disturbingly high number of elected officials regardless of party. HOLD THEM ALL ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR BEHAVIOR. Don't make this a D vs R issue. Tar and feather them as individuals. Cast them from the public spaces.Start enforcing reasonable standards of behavior instead of ideology.
And honestly that would have been a perfectly fine discussion to have. And one that Ms Harris was particularly well positioned to discuss, given her own background as a black child raised in a white Mormon family. Discussing the good, the bad, the pitfalls and the social complications based on her experience would have been great. Instead she and her panelists chose ridicule, scorn and racist commentary to a degree that can only be called disgusting.
The controversy surrounding this always amazes me. Heck even the Catholic Church has long been of the belief that Evolution and Scripture are in no way incompatable. One describes the actions of creation, the other the possible mechanism.
So it looks like A&E will be leaving Jesse Jackson waiting in the lobby for his meeting indefinitely? (And yeah, keep an eye out for any number of high ranking A&E execs who will suddenly be "leaving to pursue other opportunities". I'm betting whatever makes up A&E's shareholders or bod are not happy at all about this.
And on a more positive note... We're apparently deporting Max Baucus! So it's a win whichever way you look at it.
Gee Mary, maybe it would have served you and your constituents well if you had actually read the health care law before taking the bribe and voting for it? Remember the "Louisiana Purchase" ? Yeah that's gonna leave a mark.
"I'm sorry THEY FIND THEMSELVES in this situation because they chose to believe me. What fools"
I don't think the court has an option but to block both subsidies and fines in those 34 states. In the ACA case before the Supreme Court Roberts ruled it was a legislative problem requiring a legislative solution. Any ruling other than Congress must fix the problem they have created, not the Executive, calls into question the earlier ruling.
Can we talk impeachment and criminal fraud proceedings against all involved yet?
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