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Impeachment, a Bridge Too Far

Andrew292 Wrote: Jul 08, 2014 2:46 PM
Part of the issue with Impeachment is the Republicans are really really awful Chess players. Impeachment of the President is an idiotic Checkers move at this stage. The real game should be to deny the King his cover and protection and ultimately put him in check. Don't go straight on for Obama. Deny him his enablers. Start with Eric Holder. Vote articles of impeachment for him. Congress has clear unequivocal reason for doing so. Perjury before lawful congressional oversight. The Senate will have no choice but to take it up, how can the Justice Department function or prosecute while the AG is under the cloud of criminality. It either forces Holder to resign, or it permits a full airing of everything before the Senate. Move on from there. Treasury, HHS, etc.
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Our New Chief Diversity Officer

Andrew292 Wrote: Jun 27, 2014 12:19 PM
Hey Mike. Might I suggest a change of strategy? Take the UKIP approach to this sort thing. Apply for the job. Or get someone similarly qualified apply. Force them to explain why a moderating skeptical voice is not what they are looking for or need. After all you discuss more real diversity issues than anyone else on your campus.
The important takeaway from this decision is that it was unanimous, and in that unanimity included the great abortion crusader Ruth. Vader Ginsberg. Wow! The left is having an incredibly bad day at SCOTUS. Two major left wing examples of " law only applies to others, not we here on the left" shot down in shutouts.
"Children today are increasingly bombarded by violent video games and television" wow! Once again yet another classic example of "why conservatives can't have nice things" like you know, young modern conservatives. Show of hands, who here realizes the types of toys that our forbears, including this communist played with? Remember the breadth and width of toy replica guns available? Complete with bang bang cap action. How about television? Gun smoke? Rawhide? Any of these ring a bell? Did these influences generate a new overwhelming breed of mass murderers? No. They didn't. They were simple role play. The same as what today's youth experience with modern entertainment. What desensitizes them to violence is actual violence. Life in Chicago for example. And that is caused by single party liberal crony rule. Not violent video games or the latest episode of Breaking Bad. Stop waving your angry walking stick at them damn kids and their newfangled ways that will destroy society. And instead try welcoming them and working with them to solve real problems.
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Sex Change Regret

Andrew292 Wrote: Jun 21, 2014 3:53 PM
Am I the only one looking at the Don/Dawn Ennis story and being un PC enough to ask whether anyone thought to send him for a cAT scan? The behavior describes seems rather specifically neurological. Is the poor man developing a brain tumor or something? In the case of "gender identity" I think both sides agree it is an issue of brain chemistry and function. (Barring very very rare congenital issues) . And should be fully diagnosed as such before the subject of gender reassignment comes into play. In the history of psychiatry has there been a single situation where permanent surgical solutions driven by psychiatry have not turned out to be at best problematic and sadly far more commonly barbaric when viewed through the lens of time? Lobotomy anyone? Look into the madman that cooked that one up, his history and what a psychotic he was, yet it was still prevailing practice. Then look at the twisted child abuser who coined the very concept of gender and first experimented with gender reassignment. He barbarically tortured and sexually abused small boys as part of his research and to cover up his own malpractice.
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Slavery Reparations

Andrew292 Wrote: Jun 18, 2014 3:01 PM
That argument always amazes me? White Privilege? Has anyone ever looked at some of the barriers put up to various non black ethnicities in this nations history? My Grandfather was a 12 year old boy, freshly orphaned and staring at "Help Wanted, No Irish!" Signs wherever he went. Does anyone even realize the 19th and early 20th century treatment of Asians particularly Chinese? No Itlaians! No Polacks! no Jews! No Catholics! No Puerto Ricans (an amazingly large number of Americans still fail to realize that Puerto Ricans are US citizens.) if the privilege was only ever extended to a very small group of whites who happened to come first. How does everybody else get saddled with the blame for it?
Simple solution. Chances are that the IRS uses an outside contractor to provide backup and recovery services. Subpoena them. They will willfully and gleefully hand over everything they have. At this point subpoena the entire e-mail database from 2008 to today. The fools at the IRS much like the Presidents Press Flack, think that what they know is reality, and they don't know very much. These idiots truly are ignorant to think that a "computer crash" could be a valid excuse for critical data loss outside of a very very small window (ie measured in hours). The last time they had to know anything about computers and how things work was during Clinton's first term. They think it still works that way. What's truly appalling is they don't seem to understand the difference between daily backups, and mail archiving. Mail Archiving is required by statute. It must be kept for 7-10 years if not in perpetuity. They must have this data. Every piece of it, by law. This is not an "oopsie" moment.
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The Missing Voice of Undercover Agents

Andrew292 Wrote: Jun 12, 2014 9:38 PM
Wonderful. The author Proselytizes about well meaning dedicated ATF agents striving to keep us all safe. But safe from what exactly. Let's be frank with ourselves. The ATF's mission is at it's core unconstitutional. It is in place to manage 2 things that are not only legal but are specifically enumerated as such in the US constitution. The third area is the nations largest legal cash crop since the 16th or 17th century. Once again, Guns and Alcohol are specified as legal activities in the Constitution. Enumerated RIGHTS! Their oversight of Tobacco is little more than a government tax agency. So why exactly does this organization need to exist? Why do they need to be armed like the best paramilitary? Why exactly do they need "undercover agents". They clearly do far more harm than they do good, in spite of their dedicated agents best efforts to protect us all from ourselves, our rights, our property and our liberty.
And in one ongoing momemt of cowardice Obama hands Iraq irrevocably to Iran. When Iraq asked for help against the worst Al Queada type terrorists in the world. The people we have been at war with for a decade. He said no. Iran said yes.
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IRS Approves "Taxpayer Bill of Rights"

Andrew292 Wrote: Jun 11, 2014 10:22 PM
Oh wow! You mean the IRS "approved" our "rights". See right there, up there right in the headline is the problem. There seems to be some confusion about who exactly works for whom? And who gets to do the approving. The IRS is a best a necessary evil who by nature must be limited in every way possible. In a just society of the people they do not get to approve anything.
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