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These are typical Obama Voters. Brain dead morons who lack basic knowledge about anything of substance. Their "feelings" are facts to them as with all ignorant liberals.
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5 Ways Liberals Hurt The Poor

Andrew1554 Wrote: May 11, 2014 9:07 AM
LOL what a ridiculous thing to quote.
This is what you get when you hire a community organizer to run the show. Only fools voted for a guy who has never successfully managed anything and never worked for a for profit company who has no idea what the private sector needs to grow and create jobs. Democrats always make everything worse, their misguided best intentions, in the end, always take a bad situation and turn it into a complete disaster.
I never cared much for Shemp, he always adds his stupid left wing opinion to stories, I don't need to hear anymore idiot liberal opinions about news stories. Just report the news and keep your silly opinion to your self.
If you're too stupid to get an ID, then why should you be allowed to vote.
Harry Reid is a lowlife. He uses his position to make all kinds of false accusations that he should be sued for under the "protection" of immunity as majority leader. He is a vile lying piece of garbage, like most Democrats these days.
NO more Bush's, Clinton's or Obama's, period.
Jeb Bush and / or Chris Christie are two people who would give me a good reason to stay home on election day.
Let's get Obama elected UN president and then kick the UN out. Two rats one stone.
correction oil, coal and natural gas are 69%, Nuclear 20%, Hydroelectric 7% and triple the cost "renewables" are 3.5%
Batteries need to be recharged by electricity. Electricity is made by coal, oil and natural gas by 95%, so the $5000+ premium you pay you will never get back as the batteries only last 5 or so years and only go 40 or so miles per charge. Did you know China is building 50 nuclear power plants? Would not that trillion dollars Obama wasted have been better spent building 50 nuclear power plants that would give factories an edge with low cost power? They would have cut emissions by billions of tonnes. But what did Obama do? Gave it away to prop up union jobs. Replace the community organizer; he's failed at everything he's done.
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