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We received our new health care plan. Pay the same amount as pre-Obamacurse, except now we have a $4,000 deductible and a narrow network. I guess we're lucky though if have to go to a cancer hospital we get 50% coverage. Everything Democrats touch ends up 100x worse than the original problem.
Everything Democrats do always ends in ruin.
to Obama a deserter is a war hero
The fairness doctrine of the Democrats and Obama continue to make the rich richer and the middle class poorer. Their backward nonsensical policies will eliminate the middle class outright if allowed to continue.
Compromise put us 17 trillion in debt. Democrats will never stop bribing the hapless for votes with money we don't have.
Democrats will tell any lie or commit any crime to force their left wing totalitarian agenda on the people. They will not rest until they make us all do as they say.
??? what so all the youths can be this stupid?
Look at what Obama has given us, the most people in poverty ever, the most on food stamps ever, the lowest percentage of people working in almost 40 years. He's printed trillions and monetized the debt, it's only a matter of time for hyper inflation and the "Obama food riots" to hit. Are you prepared to protect your stuff from the rampaging herds of Obama voters seeking fairness from you?
These are typical Obama Voters. Brain dead morons who lack basic knowledge about anything of substance. Their "feelings" are facts to them as with all ignorant liberals.
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5 Ways Liberals Hurt The Poor

Andrew1554 Wrote: May 11, 2014 9:07 AM
LOL what a ridiculous thing to quote.
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