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Obama and his staff are sophomoric and clueless. This is what a sub JV political team trying to run a country looks like.
How many local operatives lives have been put at risk with this ill-advised security breach? Remember Pakistani doctor using the cover of a World Health Organization official who got the DNA samples confirming OBL's location at the compound? Obama broke his cover as part of the victory lap celebrations and now the dude is serving a life sentence in a Paki jail for his troubles. Anyway the ISLAMIC state is going to be hunting the people down who gave journalist's probable location to the US Govt.
Memo to Libs/progs: They are no more savage than the mentally ill, paedophile, goat herder who invented the "religion" in the 7th century.
Obama's "Operation Martha's Vineyard" isn't going according to plan.
For a guy who spent some time at a madrassa, he should know that what the ISLAMIC state is doing is exactly what his "god" allah, his koran, and his mentally disturbed, 7th century, goat herding, paedophile "prophet" commanded them to do. Don't believe it? Google it, the internet isn't just for porn anymore.
Africa was a much saner place when white men ruled over it.
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Is the Criminal Justice System Racist?

Andre34 Wrote: Aug 17, 2014 12:48 PM
and are not shy about posing video of the crimes on (un)social media. That's why they get caught more often than the average criminal.
Stop the presses! With Obama taking a break from vacationing and schmoozing with the Hollywood elite is a "man bites dog" occurrence. I wonder what fecal matter he is going to ram down our throats now?
I wonder what percentage of the rioter's planning and coordinating instruction were posted using taxpayer funded Obama Phones? How about Obama Phones used to post inflammatory info posted to twitter, Facebook and other (un)social media platforms? 80, 90, 100%?
It's premature to send in the National Guard, They haven tried giving out taxpayer funded "free" stuff yet.
What, the back guy's love and hug strategy didn't work out?
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