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Lets see, the first sign of Ebola is a fever. The EMS is going to be overwhelmed by people suffering from colds and the flue in no time, if they follow this clowns advice.
Libs and progs have always judged the black man by the color of their skin and not the content of their character. Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown are the most recent examples.
“I’m brain dead today,” (and every day), The thought process that drives the mental illness called Liberalism on full display.
Most likely registered Democrats. Normally I would say who cares, but the second amendment is unconditional.
I would be happy if they demonstrated their contempt for the Democrat Party by just staying home on Nov 04, That would be enough to push Republican over the top.
If a trained nurse in a modern American hospital can get Ebola, why do they expect the troops to be any better at protecting themselves? The CDC, Pentagon and the Prez need to start lining up the buses they will need to throw the troops under once the infections start happening.
Democrats are so used to living off of the fruits of other people's labor, a little plagiarizing isn't an issue for them.
Even without the threat of Ebola, how does an unemployed Third Worlder with no useful skills get a visa to enter the USA in the first place?
The Democrat hypocrites have learned well from the master, throwing Obama under the bus once he became toxic. Penetta, Clinton and the whole slew of Democrat candidates distancing themselves from the affirmative action community organizer could have done the right thing and denounce Obama a long time ago during the rainbow and unicorn phase of the mess they called a presidency, but they never imagined it would end and by ditching him at this stage of the game, they have proven that that they nothing more than self serving opportunists who are unworthy to serve America in any capacity.
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Woman Beheaded in Oklahoma By Coworker

Andre34 Wrote: Sep 27, 2014 7:05 AM
Please stop referring to it as "radical islam". It's just islam. The head cutters are only doing what their "holy" book demands while following the example set by the mentally disturbed "prophet" of all muslims.
Until he bans islam, he's all talk no action.
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