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How soon will it be before the libs/progs start calling the sheriff an "Uncle Tom" or a "house nagger"? Or have they already done that?
After arming the ISLAMIC State, it's only fair that Obama level the playing field by arming the Kurds. The red line painting, lead from behind, community organizer is earning that Noble Peace Prize one heap of bodies at a time.
Then he found out that being the Prez wasn't as simple as just voting present.
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Leading From Behind -- Way Behind

Andre34 Wrote: Aug 09, 2014 7:50 PM
"OPERATION MARTHA`S VINEYARD", a series of ineffective pinprick strikes designed to annoy the heck out of our self proclaimed enemies in Iraq, and to deflect the MSM while Obama gets in a few more rounds of golf while on vacation at Martha's Vineyard.
What flavour of kool aide do you prefer?
Don't we all feel better knowing that the latest victims of islam wont be hungry or thirsty while having their heads sawn off with a dull bowie knife.
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Has John McCain Lost His Mind?

Andre34 Wrote: Aug 07, 2014 3:36 PM
Has John McCain Lost His Mind? Your just asking that now? It was clear to even the casual observer that he lost his mind a long, long time ago.
I would have asked him for an itemized list of muslim accomplishments that he claimed are sewn into the fabric of America. The only thing I can think of is, muslims are responsible for the increasingly intrusive and humiliating airport security technologies and protocols that have made us infinitely safer from muslims.
UN safe zones? Safe for what? Certified safe for storing HAMAS rockets. Has a worm hole to a parallel universe opened up, or are CNN and whoever believes the malarkey they are spewing just on drugs?
If you don't want to get your kids hurt, then don't bring them to the firefight.
People who got their Bamma phones don't care one way or another.
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