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And he might not have a vagina.
It doesn't matter what the MSM does now to redeem itself, they were instrumental in running cover for the seditious empty suit occupying the WH since he reared his ugly head on the national scene. In a sane world, broadcast licences would be pulled and all the co-conspirators in the worst fraud ever perpetrated on America would be serving long prison sentences in Super Max.
What filibuster? Harry Reid changed the Senate rules to do away with them, only 51 votes to pass a bill now. Remember his Nuclear Option?
Enforce the laws already on the books and fund the border fence you abandoned building years ago, you morons.
Actually, America doesn't want Obama or his die hard supporters. Get rid of them and normal taxpaying Americans might negotiate.
I think that there are bigger issues that need to be tackled than deciding if we want to put murdering scumbags to death or not.
"Obama: Science, not fear, key to Ebola response" No, LEADERSHIP is the key to fixing everything Libs/Progs have broken.
Lets see, the first sign of Ebola is a fever. The EMS is going to be overwhelmed by people suffering from colds and the flue in no time, if they follow this clowns advice.
Libs and progs have always judged the black man by the color of their skin and not the content of their character. Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown are the most recent examples.
“I’m brain dead today,” (and every day), The thought process that drives the mental illness called Liberalism on full display.
Most likely registered Democrats. Normally I would say who cares, but the second amendment is unconditional.
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