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Why was sewer pipe Hollywood seeking government approval for this movie? Do they seek approval for other ones too? In any case, the Obama policy of the government picking winners and losers failed again.
Let a jury of his peers decide if it was a joke.
Citizen tests for Voter ID, government jobs and welfare programs.
I am sure Al Sharpton would have kicked in a few dollars to rebuild the bakery he helped destroy, if he didn't owe 4 or so millions to America in back taxes.
Another egregious example of reckless media? No, another egregious example of CRIMINAL media!
And he might not have a vagina.
It doesn't matter what the MSM does now to redeem itself, they were instrumental in running cover for the seditious empty suit occupying the WH since he reared his ugly head on the national scene. In a sane world, broadcast licences would be pulled and all the co-conspirators in the worst fraud ever perpetrated on America would be serving long prison sentences in Super Max.
What filibuster? Harry Reid changed the Senate rules to do away with them, only 51 votes to pass a bill now. Remember his Nuclear Option?
Enforce the laws already on the books and fund the border fence you abandoned building years ago, you morons.
Actually, America doesn't want Obama or his die hard supporters. Get rid of them and normal taxpaying Americans might negotiate.
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