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On the one hand you libs/progs praise the church for the god anti-gang work that they claim to be doing, on the other you denounce the church for being rich, elitist pedophiles. Schizophrenia much?
According to Obama, these are the best and the brightest that Latin America has to offer.
Holy heck, the riders might have to wake up 12 minutes earlier and share the train with a couple more people.
I wonder if Bath House Barry got into a threesome.
Bagdad Bob II, the sequel.
and at the time Obama voted present and has voted present again.
Noble Peace Prize laureate, Obama's foreign policy is racking up an impressive body count and propelling the misery index numbers to heights not seen since WWII and I couldn't care less about muslims killing muslims, except Obama will soon be flooding America with the refugee/colonists "victims" of his failed foreign policy.
She's upset that Harry Reid approved the swap and not her.
"According to NBC News' Chuck Todd, the administration apparently expected the public to greet the news with "euphoria." Just goes to show how disconnected from reality this administration and their supporters are.
Mentally disturbed Transgender deviants use FB to troll the internet for gratuitous sex with under aged kids. If they had asked me, I would have saved the useless government $194,788.00
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