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Gallup: Americans Get Their News From Fox News

anderson659 Wrote: Jul 08, 2013 3:58 PM
Will observes: "Fox News has become surprisingly pro-gay in the past 6 months" -------------------------- FOX is always trying to expand its viewer demographic by attracting low information, barely literate progressive voters, and it looks like FOX found one in Will. We can all hope Will finally tunes in to something besides the LOGO channel

Gallup is out with a new poll asking Americans where they get their news on current and world events. In the television section, Fox News topped all of its competitors.

These results are based on a Gallup poll of 2,048 national adults conducted June 20-24, in which Americans were asked to say, unaided, what they consider to be their main source of news about U.S. and global events.

More than half the references to television are general, with 26% simply saying they watch television or TV news, 4% saying they watch local TV news, and 2% saying they watch the "evening...

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