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Opinions Versus Facts

anderson659 Wrote: Dec 02, 2014 10:31 AM
Riots are a means to insure minorities never leave the welcoming plantation of the Federal government, the poor are life time dependents of the government. The ideology that destroyed viable continuing black business was deliberate. White, guilt ridden, self loathing far left whites are ecstatic that blacks are burning their own neighborhoods.When Blacks start worshiping the Federal government, the job of the white leftists will be completed.
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It Takes A Village To Raise A Looter

anderson659 Wrote: Dec 02, 2014 10:12 AM
Ferguson is not about a black against white issue, it is all about the fanatical left and their media constructing a narrative that pits their ideology against a civil society. More than half of the Ferguson protesters and agitators are lilly white far left fanatics from somewhere else.
More hysterical faux outrage by the militant atheists who demand Christians and Christian symbols be eradicated form the public square. That way their religion atheism, and atheism is a religion as defined by the Supreme Court, is by default the only religion left. Pure anti Christian bigotry
Everything in the world still revolves around the use of your backside, eh Will ? Hitler was a homosexual too, I bet you knew that !
Educated informed parents were not upset, only the anti Christian bigots seem to have a problem.
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Lesbian Extremist Mayor Must Go -- Now

anderson659 Wrote: Nov 02, 2014 11:18 AM
So much for the born again claim by homosexuals, this mayor is the classic example of sexual preference choice. As with nearly all same sex activists, this mayor illustrates how the same sex movement is nothing more than a political cause and a cause by the far left. God hating anti Christian bigotry permeates every level of the same sex movement.
These so called atheists are rabidly anti Christian. Atheism is in fact a religion as defined by the Supreme Court, these so called atheists want to advance their religion by using the blunt force of government to eradicate all traces of Christians, that way their religion will rule supreme. I don't think these anti Christian bigots are even hard core atheists, they are probably political operatives who use atheism as their vehicle for infiltration and destruction.
Rich: Tin is a cherry picker of facts, and anything he can use to advance his same sex agenda. Nearly everything Tin states has a shred of truth to it, just not in application to the issue at hand or in context. Tin does not care about truth, he cares to advance his same sex agenda at any cost. Tin is a classic same sex activist who will not hesitate to lie about anything. Very well done post.
Rich: Well stated. The so called same sex movement is around 40 years old. One reference as to the goals of the same sex movement is found in the book "After The Ball" written in 1989. It outlines what is happening now. The anti Christian bigotry and hatred will all increase as the same sex movement grows in power, fueled by the elite. The same sex goal as stated by more than one same sex activist is to take marriage and "wreck it"
Tin does not think, as a same sex activist he espouses what the far left same sex ideology holds to, facts are irrelevant to Tin. The only thing that means anything to him is the advancement of the same sex agenda at any cost.
The progressive left will silence any dissent by all means fair or otherwise at their disposal. The far left practices the politics of personal destruction. People need to wake up to the fact the far left wants the American way of life destroyed and Christians eradicated
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