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du is a hyperbolic screamer. For him, and du is a him, it is all about homosexuality 24/7, nothing else matters, his whole time is spent on his sexuality. du is one of those who went to a diner of a proposition 8 supporter who had donated 100.00 towards the cause and did his best to destroy the business, and is proud of it. du thinks that every homosexual is somehow being oppressed at a holocaust level and du has the answers and solutions. You called it correctly, all du has is potted caricatures
Bad examples, let's look at Loving shall we ? The court PRESUMED marriage to be between a man and a woman, the issue was about RACE. Race is innate, it is obvious homosexuality for many is a learned behavior, race cannot be changed, sexual preference can be and is all of the time. You are making and trying to draw a false equivalency, words mean something, so do definitions, your statement falls flat on its face concerning Loving, read up and get educated on it. Race and sexual preference are not innate, that is why Black voters do not embrace same sex as a civil rights cause.
Most surely are true and understated as well. The same sex crowd has become vocal about how Christians must be destroyed, period, and all across the world where they have same sex marriage are trying to do exactly that.
Well, you think wrong, all you care about seems to be homosexuality and the same sex agenda. All the same sex agenda is, pure left wing politics. Conservatives and other thinking Americans are right to impose same sex demands wherever they are found,
The same sex enforcement squad looks to implement gaytopia using the gaystapo to enforce its dogma through the legacy media. All across the world civilization has found that the far left same sex activist is a political animal, it has nothing to do with civil rights, that is just a masquerade to sell it. Same sex marriage may very well be imposed on us by judicial fiat, but as the same sex activist is going to learn the hard way, their deviancy will still never be accepted by the thinking part of society
Too late now Obama, way too late
You may be right but fatboy wants a run at the big prize, sign this aberration and he has not a prayer.
Since when is fairness a subjective component of law, to be analyzed, dissected and tried for one group with an agenda who disagrees with the law ? Many may disagree, but the law is for all. Same sex marriage is an oxymoron by any measurement. States have the right to set the rules for marriage and have done so equitably. Same sex practitioners however demand special rights for themselves but not for others. Polygamists are a fine example. Same sex marriage is not a rights issue, it never has been and never will be, it is all about far left politics and goals, nothing more, and advancing a political agenda at all costs.
Homosexuality in many or most cases is not a born that way condition. People change between sexual preferences both ways. However when those that have chosen the same sex lifestyle in their younger days have always understood that not being a parent is part of that choice. Same sex activists until recently had sneeringly referred to married heterosexual couples as "breeders", many still do. Part of the allure of the same sex lifestyle was the freedom from raising children, and the family, and all of the associated pressures that went along with the family life.
Marriage has already been defined as between one man and one woman. NO society that has validated same sex marriage as heterosexual equivalent has survived for any length of time. Same sex marriage today is a political issue, not a rights issue. Same sex marriage was an oxymoron and laughable among same sex couples until it became a political issue. "After The Ball" 1989 lays out the entire same sex agenda and why. Written by two homosexuals it is the blueprint for the same sex movement today.
> But why must natural law necessarily be higher than man? > Cannot the composer be man himself? Does the symphony tell the composer what notes to write? Does the symphony tell the composer what to think? Or does the symphony sound precisely as the composer designed it to sound? Does the symphony reflect the mind of the composer? Authority naturally flows from the Creator to the creation. The Composers says, the symphony needs to sound like *this*, not like that. That's why the Lord has dominion over us, even as we have dominion over our own creations. Authority. The question is, who is to be in charge? (unknown attribution) ---------------------------- Man knows and understands same sex marriage is NOT what the creator desires or is beneficial to society
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