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Chris Matthews: John McCain had a Vietnam Flashback

anderson659 Wrote: Feb 02, 2013 11:20 PM
McCain is my senator, I have no use for the man, he sold out long ago, but when a total loon like Matthews fabricates some sort of bizarre message because McCain dares the challenge an Obama appointee even McCain deserves support. Matthews is no journalist, he has a forum at MSNBC precisely because he is a willing informational tool for the DNC. I buy NOTHING from any sponsor on his show. His ratings draw less than a Sesame Street rerun and only far left lunatics make up his audience. Matthews defines how low, crass, uninformed, and political MSNBC has become.

This week on a new episode of Harball, Chris Matthews had a few things to say about John McCain's appearance and speech at the Chuck Hagel confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill. "John McCain grilled defense secretary nominee Chuck Hagel during his confirmation hearing because of pent-up resentment over the Vietnam War, adding that he is “absolutely convinced” the Arizona senator and former prisoner of war suffered a traumatic flashback."

“Let me start tonight with this — why is John McCain so angry?” Matthews said. “Forty years after the Vietnam POWs came home, the most famous of them is angrier than ever....