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Global Warming Blame-ologists Play with Fire

Anders13 Wrote: Jul 07, 2012 9:27 PM
Marxist/Rousseauistic/Liberal regimes all use double-speak as a deceptive device. For example a mother can describe how she loves and cares for a child; a wolf, if it could speak, could say the same thing using the same words about the same child, however one would be speaking of her offspring and the other would be speaking of food. Neither would be lying. In this vein the public is made to believe that the mission of the EPA is to protect the environment for us and future generations. The actual purpose of the liberal regime’s EPA is to protect the regime’s claim of ownership of the environment and everything in it, especially the natural resources. This is a deceptive and effective way of placing a cage around an entire populatio
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Good news: The Waldo Canyon fire, which forced 32,000 residents (including our family) to flee, claimed two lives and destroyed 347 homes, is now 100 percent contained. Bad news: Radical environmentalists won't stop blowing hot air about this year's infernal season across the West.

Al Gore slithered out of the political morgue to bemoan nationwide heat records and pimp his new "Climate Reality Project," which blames global warming for the wildfire outbreak. NBC meteorologist Doug Kammerer asserted: "If we did not have global warming, we wouldn't see this." Agriculture Department Undersecretary Harris Sherman, who oversees the Forest Service,...