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Romney Was Not the Problem

Anders13 Wrote: Nov 24, 2012 12:20 PM
There was nothing wrong with Romney, the positions he took on issues. Romney's execution of the campaign was virtually flawless. If he would have run with this campaign in place of H. Bush Romney would have won; If he would have run in place of Dole with this campaign Romney would have won handily. But this campaign did not win in 2012 because the campaign concept has changed. Today a campaign is not just presenting yourself as the better candidate; it's a "beat the competition marking contest". You have to know your market , your competitor, and the playing field inside and out; then you put together a plan and a team with the ability and commitment to win. You can't be President if you loose!
The whole point of the convention is to unite the party. Palin, Newt, Paul, and Santorum should be there.
The CFPB appears to be not much different from an old fashion feudal lordship. We have the rule of his lordship/bureaucrat instead of rule by laws written by our democratically elected representatives. So, progressivism must mean "forward to the pass".
AWG is pure Marxism in practice. Which means that all it is is hot air emanating from the UN. Lenin was the Russian green giant.
Socialism is the new slavery, capable of converting the entire population of a country to slavery through social means.
Without the funding provided by the first Central Bank the U.S. would have lost the War of 1812!
Marxist/Rousseauistic/Liberal regimes all use double-speak as a deceptive device. For example a mother can describe how she loves and cares for a child; a wolf, if it could speak, could say the same thing using the same words about the same child, however one would be speaking of her offspring and the other would be speaking of food. Neither would be lying. In this vein the public is made to believe that the mission of the EPA is to protect the environment for us and future generations. The actual purpose of the liberal regime’s EPA is to protect the regime’s claim of ownership of the environment and everything in it, especially the natural resources. This is a deceptive and effective way of placing a cage around an entire populatio
Be reminded that the purpose of the Holder Justice Department has nothing to do with justice for you. It's purpose is to protect the regime and it's agenda from those who demand justice ,ie. citizens, states or anyone who sues the regime or opposes it's agenda.
Only Obama and his "New Party" want the poor to be poorer. The rest of us want everybody to be wealthier.
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