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Hamas has taken on a war strategy that maximizes its own civilian casualties. It's a losing war strategy, however international news media by covering for Hamas and condemning Israel has scored public opinion and global political victories for Hamas. I can understand Israel's motives and to some extent Hamas's motives. But, what motivates the news media, in particular the American main stream news media. Why would they be coconspirators with Hamas and make themselves complicit in death of all those civilians. I believe that if the media would stop condemning Israel and start condemning Hamas the war would end very quickly.
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Thad Cochran's Voting-Rights Victory

Anders13 Wrote: Jun 30, 2014 12:02 PM
If it was just Cochran or some outside agency doing this it would be politics. But when state party leadership is neck deep in something like this it is violation of truss. Who would want to join the Mississippi repubs after this?
I don't understand why some-- Particularly those who live on welfare -- consider themselves free when their govt. keeps them shackled by incapability, jailed by stupidity and imprisoned by helplessness. Why can't they see that the govt. is their warden?
A statesman knows and is firmly committed to negotiating the interest and business of his country so that whatever agreement is reached is with the country, not with an individual or a special interest group. Obama and Clinton always place their own political interest above everything else. They are both the essence of anti-statesmen making it virtually impossible to have any firm agreement with the U.S.A. U.S. diplomacy has been poisoned, perhaps for decades to come. There is little the U.S. can do on the international stage.
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The Politics of St. Paul

Anders13 Wrote: Apr 13, 2014 2:29 PM
When Jesus sent his disciples out to go everywhere to simply proclaim "The kingdom of God is at hand." they were awakening hope for revolution. It was commonly believed by the Hebrews that there will come a time when a prophet would arise who will unite all the tribes of Israel, cleanse the temple, defeat the enemies of Israel, and restore the Throne of David. Jesus accomplished all of those things. Jesus was a rebel who out flanked the Romans and the Pharisees to carry out a spectacular revolution.
Our first President, George Washington, was home schooled and self taught.
Why do politicians and corporations want constituents or employees who do not have protection of the law? Is it because they can be made to do thing that those who have protection of the law cannot be made to do?
Getting rid of the "death tax" and bringing back family farms would solve the employment problem, the problem of population decline, and the need for all this immigration. Get rid of the Federal education department and return control of child education to parents and local communities would go a long way in solving the education problem.
The left uses titles -- in this case "War on Poverty"-- the way armies use artillery: To take down there targets' defenses. Tax paying Americans and the poor were the targets. Tax payers were taken to the cleaners to pay for the indoctrination of the poor, the destruction of poor families, and the expansion of poverty all for the purpose of enlarging the lefts' voting base.
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Obama to meet with Pope Francis in March

Anders13 Wrote: Jan 21, 2014 3:57 PM
How long will the meeting last after the photo-op?
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