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Now They've Done It: A Sin Tax on...Bikes

an army employee Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 11:43 AM
From here in the Seattle area it is about time to put an end to the bike madness, even if only through a token tax to be paid by those who spend too much on a single item (with their own money!). To say that bikes have no impact on roads is definitely NOT TRUE in the USA. Most of the bike paths in the cities are part of the roadway, it costs just as much to pave those four feet or so dedicated to bikes as it does for the remaining forty feet (on a per foot basis, of course). It is not like the Netherlands, where the bike paths were not a part of the roadway.

Well, it took longer than I thought, but a government has finally out-greened itself. In the great state of Washington, the legislature wants to tax… wait for it …breathing.

“Holy exhalations!” you say, “Is it true?”

Yes old chum, I’m afraid it is. It would appear the folks on Washington’s equivalent of a capitol hill have come up with a transportation package that tabs out at 10 billion clams, which is a lot, even for a coastal state. Okay, that was a lousy play on words. MOVING ON THEN…

Actually $10 billion is a lot of money,...