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Irregular Order Puts Taxpayers in Jeopardy

an army employee Wrote: Aug 20, 2012 12:50 PM
In the same highway bill the legislators also saw fit to reclassify roll your own cigarette machines as manufacturers of cigarettes rather than as retail establishments. While I do not particularly care for cigarettes in any form I fail to see how this provision is germane in any way to TRANSPORTATION. Trust Congress to do the right thing each time.
In making law, process matters. A lot. When lawmakers eschew regular order to craft legislation, it usually means there’s dirty work afoot.

That’s what happened earlier this year, when Congress finagled an extension of federal highway programs and gas taxes. Lawmakers ignored the regular way of doing business, and taxpayers got hosed.

Now, conservatives worry that lawmakers are prepping to employ the same sorry shenanigans to pass an uber-expensive farm bill.

The regular order passing a bill is simple. The House passes its notion of a good bill; the Senate passes a version it likes,...