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The Patriotism of Prosperity

wethepeople2016 Wrote: Aug 13, 2014 5:19 PM
Gowdy would be my choice for Attorney General...wouldn't that be fun?
Trey doesn't miss much and is tough. Go Trey!
Count on it...this probably goes all the way Valerie Jarret.
It's possible for the read and write heads to malfunction and touch the surface of the platters and scratch them. But...the drive could be sent to a recovery service who can dismantle the drive and recover at least some information from it. It's a low percentage failure and I seriously doubt anything went wrong with her hard drive except for the desire to hide evidence. And what about mandatory backups?
I'm not surprised. We elected a man who we knew nothing about, had no accomplishments, no verifiable background and had the ability to magically woo over the masses (because of the compliant media). Obama reminds me of the Mule from Issac Asimovs Foundation and Empire. The Mule came out nowhere (the far reaches of the galaxy), no one knew anything about him or his past, and had mental powers to woo people over to his side and took control of the Empire. (Those of you who read Asimovs books will get this). It's sad, but most people pay no attention to those who want to be our leaders. I've always maintained it's not Low Information Voters but Low Interest Voters...they could get the information they need to vote intelligently but aren't interested. God help us.
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