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Father of Boston Terrorists: "Someone Framed Them" - "Cowards" Shot My Son

Anaconda Wrote: Apr 22, 2013 7:49 PM
YOur statement is false. Small government people are not necessarily libertarians. If you think they are, you are woefully ignorant. also, there are many types of libertarians and many grades of how libertarian someone is. There are economic libertarians that are socialists when it comes to social issues. They want the government involved in everythign from marriage to a number of other issues. I know that you have trouble seeing shades of gray, but they are robust within libertarian circles just like their are shades of grey with in progressive circles. Again, I read perfectly well, you just did not want to deal with my logic argument...perhaps you do not even know what a straw man is...I know they no longer teach logic at college