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I am thrilled they kept Dirty Harry as their public face. I hope they keep Pelosi s well. These folks are so vile that they have become caricatures easily mocked.
She is a weirdo. It is amazing how many people go to Hollywood and are suddenly important, when back in their hometown, they would be the ones people would run away from.
Honestly...F@@@ You Rockefeller.
So why not ask for civil unions so you can enjoy the contractual benefits of marriage? The goal for homosexual activists is to destroy marriage and make it completely obsolete. The other goal is to legally have the ability to prosecute everyone that disagrees with their point of view. This is a fact. For instance, if you think that Michael Sam's twitter picture kiss is not appropriate, you will be sent to re education classes and lose two weeks of pay. If you vote to or contribute to a campaign that promotes Natural marriage, you will lose your job. If you state that you disagree that homosexual marriage and natural marriage are equal, you will be kicked out of school (happened to a 5 year old in MA). These are facts. The goal of the homosexual lobby is to eliminate marriage all together. This is what the founders of the movement stated (just look it up). This goes back to Marx where he specifically said that one must destroy the nuclear family to bring about communism. This is what is supposed to happen.
The question is incomprehensible, so please clarify.
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A Love/Hate Relationship With CPAC

Anaconda Wrote: Mar 09, 2014 6:03 AM
Hi Derek, Great article. In Fact, you could substitute the Church for CPAC and write the same article about the ineffectiveness of the Church. Good stuff. Dan
In fact, this is a very important issue to consider. Right now, more than 60% of people to go to seminary go there for the following reasons...to change the culture of the church, because it is a good paying job. Using Jesus words to accomplish a particular political or social goal is a strategy that many leftists have used for decades. Just look at your churches in your cities that are pastored by open homosexuals. Look at the rise of the "social Gospel". Look at the "prosperity Gospel". These reflect the attitudes of those being graduated from seminary and be imposed on their churches. Rather than scoffing at this article, we need to fight this issue head on. I tell my kids (when we go bye our local "congregational church" that it is a social club and a false church) the truth and why the church promotes the values they do.
What a slanted and leftist piece of propaganda.
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