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Maybe We Really Can’t All Just Get Along

AmyDB Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 3:41 PM
the oil & gas subsidies you speak of are tax breaks that many companies take advantage of not just oil & gas companies. Farm subsidies are the results of the government wanting to control the price & supply of commodities. Yes we should do away with the farm payments & return to an open, competitive economy. How about we also do away with the minerals taxes the states pay to the federal government for all minerals extracted from the ground. Doesn't matter if the mineral was extracted from federal, state, or private land. WY is owed over 700 million by the fed at this time. The federal government is with holding the money because they say we, as a state, don't need the money.

During the Los Angeles riots of 1992, Rodney King famously asked, “Can’t we all just get along?” The answer should be an easy and unequivocal “yes,” but it seems less and less likely these days.

King was speaking in term of race, but the same could be said of political ideology. Liberals, conservatives and every other point on the political spectrum used to co-exist fairly easily (with the exception of left-wing anarchists who don’t get along with anyone). But these days détente has given way to anger and open hostility.

Some, not all, people have become less civil to those...