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Hey, Fat Cat Unions: Pay Your "Fair Share"

AmyDB Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 1:14 PM
Polly said.... People may donate "after tax monies," but (for now at least) those donations are tax deductible. So the government is subsidizing those charities as well as the unions, by forgoing that much tax. _____________________ Polly the word subsidize does not mean what you feel it means, nor are you using it correctly. The government is not giving the churches or any charitable organizations our money, the government is just not taking the money donated to the churches via taxes. That is not subsidizing anything. Please see the definition I've provided for you
AmyDB Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 1:16 PM
SUBSIDY : a grant or gift of money: as

a : a sum of money formerly granted by the British Parliament to the crown and raised by special taxation

b : money granted by one state to another

c : a grant by a government to a private person or company to assist an enterprise deemed advantageous to the public
AmyDB Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 1:23 PM
If you're going to use big words Polly then please make sure you use them correctly.
What you're bytching about is the tax exempt status that churches & other charities claim.

Of course you do realize that there are progressive charities that enjoy the same status that churches do don't you Polly?

Just remember Polly....the money is not the property of the government, it was the property of the person who donated it freely to the church or charity, once that is done the money becomes the property of the church or charity.

Union dues are not freely given donations.
Wayne from the Hoosier state Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 5:53 PM
and I would add to that Amy that the money had already been taxed...there was no new increase of wealth there...only a horizonal transfer.
Message for wealth-bashing millionaire actor Ed Asner: Man up and take responsibility for lying to America's schoolchildren.

Confronted by a producer for Fox News Channel's "The Sean Hannity Show" this week, the left-wing celebrity claimed he couldn't remember "a thing (he) said" on a vile propaganda video produced and published by the California Federation of Teachers. Asner narrated the unforgettable eight-minute anti-capitalist screed geared toward children.

Think Occupy Wall Street meets Sesame Street. "Things go downhill in a happy and prosperous land after the rich decide they don't want to pay taxes anymore," Asner warbles in a folksy grandpa voice. After education reform...