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Gun Companies to Law Enforcement in Anti-Gun States: We’re Not Doing Business With You Anymore

AmyDB Wrote: Feb 16, 2013 1:53 PM
Moshed said.... What was wrong with video 13 Amy? _______________ Did you not read what I said Moshed? Op Valkyrie, flat out lie, what was said is directly contradicted by the biography of Staufenberg. Unfortunately that is only found if you can read German & take the time & trouble of doing your own research. That is what I was referring to in my prior statement. Op Valkyrie was not something out of the blue that started in 44. It was begun in 39 with the plotting & planning by other people, Staufenberg admitted as much in papers that were entered into his biography. Like I said it helps if you can read German.
AmyDB Wrote: Feb 16, 2013 1:55 PM
Staufenberg did not act alone nor was he the originator of the plan to kill Hitler.
In fact it was some of Hitler's leading officers who originated the plot in 39 & worked thru with it till 44 & even afterwards

As the gun control debate rages on, we’ve seen a host of gun-rights advocates standing up for the Second Amendment. In addition to citizens, the NRA, the National Sheriffs Association and countless others, a number of companies—including gun manufacturers, sporting good retailers and gunsmiths—are now taking a stand by refusing to sell to law enforcement in New York and other states with restrictive gun laws.

The message in these companies’ statements is essentially about equality—local law enforcement and government agencies should not have rights that citizens do not.  Thus, if states such as New York choose to adopt restrictive...