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Excuse me George but if Dyadd does post informative strategies, which I have seen from time to time, & none of the republicans here take that advice how, precisely, is that anti GOP?
As I said earlier there are three divisions within the "right" Covertly Progressive republicants who want the same things as progressives on the left do but want the reins of power in their hands & who think to "compromise" with the statist progressives till they can snatch the reins. Republicans who don't have a problem with large government provided it's not so large it can't be paid for. TEA Party people who want the government cut back to Constitutionally correct levels or as close as we can get to that goal.
George that is unfair as well as being untrue. Dyadd & I have had very interesting, extended, & nonGOP bashing conversations about politics. You are over generalizing to attempt to make a point.
In my eyes he's wrong George. . . Reagan tried that one & look where it's gotten us.
George did you have to throw __more__ napalm on the fire?
It's those bedamed rabbits that keep popping up James. . . .They just have to be chased back down their holes.
Dyadd as I said. . . one can empathize with the plight of the illegals & at the same time advocate closed borders. I do believe the "guest worker" programs should be revamped with a more stringent background check to ensure that only honest workers are allowed in. However many of the migrant worker jobs are well paying. . . hard work indeed. . but very well paying.
Abso"Fing"loutly King. . . A man, an honorable adult, are both their words _&_ their actions. If one does not echo the other then the person in question is not honorable & should not hold public office. . . of any kind.
Amy, I judge actions as well as statements. If he's for Jeb, then he's for open borders while saying he's not. ______________________ One can agree with the sentiment, King, without agreeing with the basis behind the sentiment. Facts are facts & the fact is that many of the illegals do come across to feed their families. That is a responsible, loving act since the crossing is always chancy. That the act is breaking our law does not negate the reasoning behind it. Now do I believe that we should turn a blind eye to the law breaking. . . NOPE, not for a second. I've advocated a militarized border before & I still do. Lock it down, lock it down tight & institute a bounty for illegals. . . only awarded if they're alive however. Addendum. . . I don't know if you've ever lived on / near the US / MEX border but it can give one a different perspective King. Feeling empathy for the illegals who tried to hide on my land didn't prevent me from securing them & calling ICE.
There's a saying about stones & glass houses James. . . *chuckles*
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