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Birdman I have to question your understanding of genetics, recessive genes, & the nature / nurture debate. Seemingly to you homosexuality __HAS__ to be a choice. Why is that Birdman?
That's because Beck is a Constitutionalist Wee Willy. . . Nothing about marriage in the Constitution.
Just demoncraps. . . doesn't matter they're progressive statist progressives at heart.
they don't directly. . . However they can benifit society, especially a tribal society by being extra bodies that feed, protect, teach, & defend the children so more of the children survive to breeding age themselves. It's not personal it's the good of the tribe or clan that rules.
no. . . they're just greedy. With that I'm out. . . Good conversation & debate btw. . . Thanks to those who contributed.
Birdman read the article, it's fairly good & moderately balanced.
That can be said of some heterosexual marriages as well jdick. Does that render them a nonmarriaqge jdick?. . . . & what of those who are well beyond their child bearing years With not even the hope of AI. . . Should they be disallowed from being married?
Wee Willy do some reading before you post. That point has already been covered so to speak.
But, just for the sake of discussion, there's AI which enables both nonfertile heterosexual couples as well as homosexual couples to procreate so that throws the unable to reproduce argument out. . . on both sides.
If child produsing is the overwhelming reason for "marriage" as it stands now then I have to side with Jon. No more marriages for the elderly & fertility tests for everyone else. If you can't reproduce then you can't marry.
Bringing an interesting topic to the top of the thread. . . . Jon posits that homosexuality is "natural" since same gender sexual stimulation can & does occur in many species Anominus counters with humans are the only species who choose to lock themselves into such same gender modes. Both have a valid point but Jon forgot about an added facet in the animal world. . . That of dominance & submission within the pack, herd, or pride structure. That is one of the major sources of homosexual sexual contact for most of the lower animals. Now some of the higher animals, apes & cetaceans being a prime example, do use sex to form tighter group bonds tis true, but generally a female cow mounting another female is due to herd social structure. To address Anominus' point. . .There have been, among the animals that life bond, examples of a mate bond forming between same gender couples. When I was in school there was a study of that happening between raptors. However that did not "lock" the birds into a totally monogamous relationship. They split up to mate then returned to the couple structure they enjoyed most of the time. It was interesting to read the study, however I've not found it reproduced online. I don't even remember the researchers names, only that it was sponsored by the University of Michigan.
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