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Johan Kohn maybe?
Considering the source I'll go with outright lies WJF.
Apartheid state? Really svirk? Tell that to the Arab members of the Knesset.
Hamas is violating all the conventions of war by hiding munitions in schools, hospitals, & civilian neighborhoods as well as launching rockets into Israel from those same sites you progressive shill. How, by all the Deities of Light, can you look yourself in the mirror after spouting such detritus?
Who refused to honor the cease fire cancze? That would be Hamas Who is hiding the munitions in civilian homes, hospitals, & schools? That would be Hamas Who is putting the civilians in harm's way cancze? That would be Hamas
What's worse is that they want everyone to do the same thing John
Satire kindof. . . . More like slimy lies G2. Hooked a lot of people.
joke. . . . Who said the progressives have to be consistent?
It's the koolaid LW. . . . It rots the brain
Lil'Lying LowLow spews progressive accusations with this one. . . . . and you screwed over the country by ruining the planet, jacking up the debt, outsourcing jobs....etc.etc. /why do you deserve a cent? ___________________ The US has cleaner water now than it did when I was a teenager. We also have more acres of forest & healthy wildlands that hunters help pay for. Jacking up the debt comes from having to fight two wars, only one of which was justified, while sending aid to every backwater nation on the friggin globe. As far as outsourcing jobs. . . . If you over tax a company they will flee elsewhere. Overtaxing is a page out of the progressive playbook girl.
Nope. . . I criticized Bush when he deserved it girl. I've stated some of my issues with Bush before. Were you asleep then? T'would seem so.
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