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So George what do you call those who willingly aid & abet the progressives on the left?
As someone who likes both GW & Dyadd I hope my opinion settles this friggin infighting. I've reviewed the last 200 of Dyadd's posts. . . about 25 to 30 % could be considered even marginally critical of the GOP. That time period extends back to the 16th of April with the Learner e-mail article. So George your statement of "Posting anti-GOP propaganda is ALL that you do here, Dyadd. " is in my opinion false. Had the critical comments been at or above 50% I'd grant you the benefit of the doubt George.
Henry. . . then it's time for some adults to step up & bring a cast iron frying pan for the recalcitrant. I'm a grandmother I can deal with unruly adolescents. As far as infighting goes. . . sometimes it can be beneficial. So long as some rules are followed. Like I said down thread, If the republicans can't handle a primary challenger that brings out the skeletons from the closet then how, by Odin's golden beard, will they handle what the demoncraps will throw at them?
The only codicil I'd add is that the c&p has to include the article, if it's a different one from where the tussle is taking place, date & time. When TH is working properly you can access the info by right clicking on the persons' nickname. It brings up a log of everything that person posted for a goodly period of time.
but he's not asking Dyadd. . . .I am.
I'm seeing lots of accusations flying about misstatements, lies & misquotes. . . . My view on that is. . . across the board . . . back up the claims with c&p of the remarks or shut the "F" up.
I'm going to have to ask for proof of that one Dyadd. . . . I'm patient, I'll wait.
Surely you remember the ideas, the strategy, I voiced over a year & a half ago George? Does that mean I'm for the destruction of the GOP?
George retaking & eliminating the progressives that are hiding within the republican party is __NOT__ destroying the GOP. If we as Constitutionalists & conservatives can not, or will not, do that then we're handing the game, & the nation, to the progressives.
Excuse me George but if Dyadd does post informative strategies, which I have seen from time to time, & none of the republicans here take that advice how, precisely, is that anti GOP?
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