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He's got time LowLow. . . 2.5 years to go.
Oh George don't tell me we have to claim __her__.
I thought it was caused by. . . . racism.
I don't watch it girl. I listen via sirrius. Lots of truckers do.
............Or al-jezerra
Matter of fact it has Lil'Lying LowLow *smackdown*
Nope. . . . Not because I'm Christian either. It's because Christians will at least let me live my life being true to my heart & soul. To the Islamofanatic I'm deserving of naught more than death svirk.
Johan Kohn maybe?
Considering the source I'll go with outright lies WJF.
Apartheid state? Really svirk? Tell that to the Arab members of the Knesset.
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