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Yes Birdman I do. I also know the possible consequences of my choices & actions. If being true to the calling of my soul & heart end with me in Hel's realm then Selah, So mote it be.
No Birdman . . . . Why would I do that? Your Faith is between you & your Deity. If my questions & reasoned arguments make you question anything then maybe it is needed questioning.
Yes I was Birdman, about a score of years ago give or take a few. . . . My view then was undecided when it came to homosexuals. If they were born that way then Deity could not judge them on that basis. However they could be judged on what they did with their natural urges just as a heterosexual would be. Either way they would not be judged by YHWH on the basis of Levitical law unless they were practicing Jews. Also it was not my place to judge them. . . . way above my paygrade.
It's not condemned specifically Birdman but it is referred to with disfavor by YHWH or Y'Shua over 25 times.
Well said Tin.
Now Birdman that's a different kettle with different fish in it. I'm not advocating unbridled license. I am advocating that one be true to who they are in their hearts while respecting the personal rights of others. You also didn't answer my question from above.
Oh btw Birdman did you know that once upon a time being left handed was a sin, having red hair was a sin for women, being cross eyed was also a sign of evil within the person. . . Yet those are also genetic traits that may skip generations then pop up with no rhyme or reason. That wasn't known for a very long time until the science of genetics was born.
Yet if some homosexuals were actually, in truth, born with a predisposition to be attracted to the same gender then how is that a choice Birdman? Then the next question. . . If they were born that way with no choice in the matter then according to common Judeo / Christians doctrine & dogma they are condemned from the start, condemed to Hel's realm & eternal punishment, for simply being true to how they were born. That's how the logic runs isn't it Birdman?
Ah. . . . Now I think I understand why you feel that being homosexuality has to be a choice. If it's a choice then it can be a sin right? If it's either gene based or something in utero then it can't be a sin because there would be no other choice for the homosexual. They would be, in truth, born that way. And YHWH doesn't make junk. . . Am I right Birdman?
Birdman I have to question your understanding of genetics, recessive genes, & the nature / nurture debate. Seemingly to you homosexuality __HAS__ to be a choice. Why is that Birdman?
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