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Breitbart: More People on Food Stamps Than Populations of 24 States Combined

AmyDB Wrote: Nov 24, 2012 3:42 PM
Taxes are an outside price that a company or person pays to the government for "services rendered" Taxes are not dependent on market activity, production costs, or other foreseeable expenditures a company may face, they are contingent on the foibles of the populace & the politicians....These are not foreseeable costs in any way not can they be insured against as can natural disasters..
wtmoore1 Wrote: Nov 24, 2012 4:09 PM

I can't have a conversation with you if you can't stay on topic. The post to which that quote was a response claimed that you were speaking about competition within a trade, and I was simply pointing out that you were trying to draw the exact distinction that you describe yourself as trying to draw above.

While I understand the conservative argument about taxes, it's a rhetorical one, and requires that you prescribe to some form of conservative thought. Without those presumptions, it falls flat.

It's like I'm backtracking in the same conversation we've already had...
Under President Obama the participation rate in the food stamp program has skyrocketed—one in seven Americans now receives food stamps. To keep up with the demands of the burgeoning program, spending has thus “doubled from roughly $39 billion in 2008 to an estimated $85 billion in 2012,” and nearly quadrupled since 2000. According to Heritage, “Today, the food stamps program is one of the largest and the fastest growing of the roughly 80 welfare programs funded by the federal government.” With that said, brace yourself for Breitbart’s findings: “The number of individuals on food stamps now exceeds the...