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LowLow is a racist. She doesn't want to give Dr. Carson a chance because he's black. I seem to remember that LowLow also doesn't like Col. West or Michelle Malkin. Not just a racist but a hater of her own gender. (snark off)
ROE = kill the enemy & trash their stuff. Kill them all. That is what the ROE should be.
If you cast your mind back XJ Palin was accused in the msm of being responsible, in part, for "targeting" Giffords' district. It only makes sense that she'd defend herself. Oh wait. . . I'm sorry. . . .I thought you were a reasonable human. My bad.
Taft said. . . . Kurt is an atheist though, or pretends to be. ____________________________ You're a liar Taft. No pretense needed.
*chuckles* sarcasm at it's best.
No he wouldn't have done that. He'd have screamed 'down with Allah' or "In the name of science"
No one likes having their words twisted Herman. Only a fool or a child would defend what they didn't say. I am neither Herman
Obviously you saw my response below. If you don't like me bringing your statements to the top then I won't. You see it as an attempt to hide something, while for me it's convenience. *shrug*
I cited Romans as practical people due to the fact that they didn't create a law until something became an issue Herman. The law outlawing homosexual unions was near the end of the true Roman empire, when the empire was in the process of becoming a church. The only reason homosexual unions were an issue is because of the influence of said church.
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