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Thanks. . . . some won't be glad my contentious self is back. Some will.
Just wait. . . .someone else will come along rmott
Since the allegations surfaced. . . . nope, not that I've seen or heard. Prior to that yes. . . . even some republicants were quick to jump on the "hero" bandwagon Eric. That's what happens when one doesn't preform due diligence in checking things out.
eric said. . . . Alive, no sane person thinks ALL soldiers are sociopaths. But some are. Think about it -- it you enjoy killing, what better occupation? _____________________ I'm going to address this just once. SeALs are different eric. They have to be or they wouldn't be SeALs. Snipers are different too. They're taught that first what they do saves the lives of those who matter, namely other US / allied troops. They're also taught that any shot taken, whether at the KD range or on the field of battle, are taken at a target. It's not a person, it's a target. Nothing more. You don't understand that Eric. Most civilians won't. . . . only another shooter does. I know this because the man who was my PMI at Parris Island was sniper trained & he trained me & the other WMs with me as he was trained.
He was a SeAL Eric. . . . . They are different. They have to be or they wouldn't be SeALs just as USMC Force Recon or any SpecOps shooter is. The SeAL who wrote Red Cell & helped develop SeAL Team 6 is like that too. Gunny Hathcock was like that so I've heard. Totally different mindset from civilians or even other military personnel.
Eric that's not what you asked. I answered the question you asked with specificity.
CNN did refer to Bergdahl as a "hometown hero" in one report though.
Susan Rice said that he served with "honor & distinction". She didn't use the specific word _hero_ but that's close Eric.
Eric have you read Kyle's book? It's much like the movie. It's not bragging. It's stating facts & situations that Kyle experienced & how he, his wife, & family coped with life.
How many of those you referred to were passed over by the draft for 'Nam for other reasons Eric?
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