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Thank you John, God bless you & yours, too. My tagline in my early video show was "Stay safe & keep the faith" ;-)
Thank you BK but I'm 51 ;-) Read my essay (posted a few times above) called "R" on PolitiChicks.tv.
Jimmylynn, of course I'm not talking about/encouraging our side to use the Left's lie/cheat/steal tactics--I'm talking about the way they SPREAD their (evil) message. They've been using the media for decades & many of us had no clue there was a difference until Fox News came along. Almost EVERYONE trusted Cronkite/Rather etc. EVERYONE trusted NY Times, Newsweek, Time etc. The Left invented new ways to message--Facebook, Twitter, etc. So if we're supposedly the 'elite', the 1%ers, our side should work on ways & means to create the same type of technology & media systems to get our message out there, too. http://politichicks.tv/column/story-r/#Jv6YsmpJD2oYtqQk.01
You'd think, Math. All of us activists--including everyone at PolitiChicks.tv--work SO HARD to write/educate/inform about tactics of the Left--it's beyond exhausting to think we also have to include people on our own side in that fight.
Exactly, but I'm a bit concerned after the recent special NJ election, in which the Est. GOP, inc. Gov Christie, turned their back on (conservative) Lonegan & Dem. Booker won...
My only wish is that they had shown their "ultimate showdown" strength throughout the years. We've needed to see that type of strength & passion & filibustering/debating starting with the Black Panther voter intimidation case--Fast & Furious--Benghazi--IRS, etc etc; . We've all been screaming out for our elected officials to DO SOMETHING; many have ridiculed John Boehner for not being strong enough, for seemingly rolling over, appeasing the Democrats. In the end, it seemed completely out of character for Boehner to "suddenly" be this uber-strong guy, making strong demands. As I wrote in the article I'm STILL a registered Republican; I'm not a Libertarian & I do not believe in isolationism etc. But at the RNC this year, Republicans didn't acknowledge the Tea Party at all, and they did so intentionally. The Old Guard had better learn how to play with the New Guard or they will force a 3rd Party--and imho that will be the demise of all of us. I posted this earlier in 'comments' but will post again--it's an essay I read before speaking to GOP groups throughout CA & the US; I think it sums up in a very simplistic way where we are right now: http://politichicks.tv/column/story-r/#Jv6YsmpJD2oYtqQk.01
Oops, forgot to post: http://politichicks.tv/column/story-r/#Jv6YsmpJD2oYtqQk.01
Speaking of "Ds" and "Rs"--this is my latest article on PolitiChicks.tv entitled "R". Whenever I speak to GOP groups around Calif & the US, I always start by reading this essay--THEN I offer suggestions about how to turn this ship around. I agree, it's daunting, especially after the past few weeks (months, years..) of McCain/Graham/etc shredding the TP instead of the O admin, but we're not lost yet, not as long as there are passionate grassroots folks willing to start working on elections & campaigning TODAY/NOW. That's what we're doing at PC.tv.
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