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Go for it if it makes you feel better. But Arizona and Florida actually tried this, and discovered that welfare recipients are no more likely to use drugs than the general population.
What kind of tax structure SHOULD we have?
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Eminent Disaster

amperro Wrote: Mar 13, 2014 2:57 AM
Stevens, Souter and Kennedy were appointed by Republicans. So much for principle.
Too many educated people are unemployed or underemployed now for to assume that the lack of jobs is solely the result of people being lazy.
I have never voted Democrat, so stop calling people names. This economy has sucked for too long, so why is Obama not more unpopular?
I do have some idea how business works. Believe it or not, I know that companies are in business to make a profit and employment is a side effect. But corporate hiring practices have become idiotic. They rule out perfectly good candidates that have 99% of the necessary qualifications instead of 100%. They want experience but will not train promising candidates. They would rather the position go unfilled.
My point is that there is a difference between being a lazy public moocher and being someone who is diligently and honestly looking for work and failing due to a lack of jobs. We have a record number of people out of work and a record number of people on food stamps. Do we simply have a record number of lazy people?
Maybe if companies would hire more people there would be fewer people on food stamps.
Unemployment has a LOT more to do with this than anyone realizes.
If they implemented a Universal Basic Income here but eliminated all other entitlements: Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, welfare, food stamps, WIC, student aid, business subsidies, tax breaks for politically connected, etc., that would be a HUGE step up.
Force each of them to donate one eye and one kidney.
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