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There will be no economic improvement for years. This "trend" of adults moving in with their septuagenarian and octogenarian parents will continue. It will become the norm. Meanwhile, jobs will continue to become more and more scarce until an entire generation comes of age where mass joblessness is to be expected. The scars will remain for centuries in the future.
I never said anything about Obama (whom I NEVER supported), the Tea Party, the War on Women, or a moon made of green cheese. Armstrong Williams assumes that the poor are not pulling their weight. This assumption is not always correct. Many poor people are law abiding, employed, well-educated, hard working and responsible citizens. The job market sucks. Many individuals are ridiculously underemployed (janitors with PhDs). If the rich think the poor are paying too little in taxes, then they should hire qualified poor people and push them into a higher tax bracket.
Poor does not mean lazy, or stupid, or unskilled, or irresponsible. Poor just means lacking resources.
It is time to abolish the IRS.
Time to end the income tax, capital gains tax, property tax, and estate tax. Go to a pro-rated consumption tax.
"...violation of his or her First Amendment right to life"? I thought the First Amendment had to do with speech, the press, and assembly.
Does anybody honestly think conservatives value the Constitution more than liberals? Of course the Constitution says nothing about drugs (or marriage either, but that is a different topic), but conservatives like to "interpret" the Constitution as well.
Apparently I now have to preface every comment I make with "I DO NOT USE ANY ILLEGAL DRUGS, NOR DO I USE ALCOHOL OR TOBACCO" and "I AM NOT A LIBERAL". Because in what passes for brains of conservatives, opposing government tyranny = using drugs.
They don't have to come up with new arguments against legalization. They just keep repeating the same ones over and over.
No I do not. But you probably sell dope, smoke crack, and steal candy from children.
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