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Love all the Neo tards calling Ron Paul a Nazi. You know... because Nazis are infamous for their non interventionist policies. What a bunch of chimps.
Actually you do. Ha ha! Constituional Law
False comparison. Arresting serial bank robbers, who were doubtlessly heavily armed and possibly armored, is not a self defense scenario. Additionally, there's no mention if a higher capacity magazine would have made a difference. Were the agents shot while reloading? Additionally, the dispersion a criminal has in a firefight with a criminal in no way compares to that of a home invasion. Other than that, yeah spot on.
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Is Christianity Homophobic?

AmilamtheAmicable Wrote: Apr 16, 2013 7:20 AM
Nationally, this is a lost issue and one that Cons would be wise to fight at the state level. Of course they won't and their zealous mass will demand cycle after cycle of self immolation for the sake of purity in a fight they can't possibly win. Fair comeuppance for a party that gleefully used it as a wedge issue in the 90s and early 00s
Glad to see wingnuts making baseless speculations AND crying about speculation of a rightwing terrorist. Hypocrites and frauds to the core
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Moral Relativism and Jihad

AmilamtheAmicable Wrote: Apr 16, 2013 5:08 AM
I can get behind not giving military weaponry to anyone. We shouldn't be selling to questionable allies. Israel. Taiwan. South Korea. England. Australia. Possibly Japan. Let's keep the guest list short. Still, American Jews are under no threat and it's the height of lunacy to suggest otherwise. Even the state of Israel is safe. They have a superior military to all their neighbors... combined... and that's not even accounting for direct and indirect US support. We can safely stop sending them money (along with most other countries: I'm looking at you China) and stop acting like the affairs of Israel supersede our own. Israel is an independent ally, not our Lord.
You don't understand Jerome. Everyone can be criticized except Black Conservatives whom not a word of disagreement can be uttered. Because... because! Exceptions can be made if the Black person in question is found to not be Conservative enough (see: Colin Powell).
How funny you say that in a post filled with misspellings and a lie just for good measure.
Is there a prize for the first person to randomly guess the culprit? Get the facts and until then... keep your mouth shut.
This is just blind religious fanaticism. It's no wonder that's he's so repugnant as to cheer legislation giving the death penalty to homosexuals in Uganda and the wingnuts here not blinking an eye. Such laws are definition of fascism and Barber and his ilk are unquestionably fascists.
Drawing a line from homosexuality to NAMBLA and bestiality aren't exactly "code words". It's a pretty revolting comparison that most people aren't going to agree with. If he was white, tan, or bright green it would have inspired disgust in the majority of Americans. How funny that Parker injects race everywhere when Cons claim it doesn't matter. Hypocrites to the core.
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