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While I find a lot of the elements of gun culture/fandom excessive and a bit creepy, I appreciate the emphasis in safety and self awareness.
It's the height of comedy to see someone using such childish insults and then call someone a troll. No sense of self awareness
The Rodman one cracked me up. Is there any doubt this guy has blown whatever brains he had out on crack?
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Coming Up Short On Dr. Gosnell

AmilamtheAmicable Wrote: Apr 18, 2013 1:44 AM
Crazy much?
This would be bad for the country. I'm hardly a Con, but this is a sovereignty issue, not a human rights issue. Seal the border and impose massive fines on companies hiring them. I work overseas and I need to go through the proper channels first. In no other country in the world is enforcing ones own borders seen as bigotry or racist.
That's fine, but then she might as well talk about the effectiveness of assault rifles on tanks. There are certainly bad guys with those as well.
Actually when polls show that a majority approves... then yes yes it does. Of course I'm all for Conservatives to MYOB on gay marriage. Don't like it? Don't go to one. Simple, non?
We always lose? Huh, sorry I'm having a hard time digesting that as I listen to the PotUS give an address while reading the news about the overwhelming change in public opinion about gay marriage. What's the GOP signature accomplishment in the last decade?
Prove that Ron Paul is a Nazi? That'd take more than his tiny cranium could maintain. Bunch of inbred chicken hawks
Love all the Neo tards calling Ron Paul a Nazi. You know... because Nazis are infamous for their non interventionist policies. What a bunch of chimps.
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