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Julia’s Carefree Life Offers No Real Appeal

AmIBlue Wrote: May 09, 2012 10:52 AM
Remember the song "I AM WOMAN" made popular by Helen Reddy and recently recorded by Jordan Sparks? One verse in particular strikes the core of 'real women': "You can manipulate, not create us, 'cos it only serves to make us more determined to reach our destination". So, Julia/Obama you have gravely insulted American women. JULIA is what you want us to become but won't happen. O, you are despicable and insulting!

Last week, in an advertorial slideshow on, the president’s re-election campaign introduced “The Life of Julia” about a fictional “everywoman” whose government-subsidized existence is intended to reassure women voters about President Obama’s ability to provide for them in an uncertain future.

This “composite” female — not to be confused with the one who portrayed Mr. Obama’s “girlfriend” in his autobiography — supposedly reflects the concerns of girls and women through the life cycle.

Julia’s carefree life begins at age 3, when she heads off to the federally subsidized Head Start program. Next thing you know, Julia breezes through...