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Heckling Romney Abroad

AmIBlue Wrote: Aug 01, 2012 5:50 PM
I, for one, do not want to send a 'rock star' to foreign countries as representative of Country and its leadership. I want a diplomat; one who can offer friendship, understanding of their cultures and the problems facing all countries - and how we can work together to acheive peace on earth. If we wanted to send a 'rock star', I can think of better alternatives than about C-LO, I really like him.

Mitt Romney might have thought it was eminently sensible in an NBC interview in London to repeat exactly what the TV networks had already reported on security at the London Olympics, namely, that there was room for concern.

Romney succeeded only in demonstrating how unbelievably shameless and partisan our "objective" media can be. The networks and national newspapers aggressively declared Romney had committed a diplomatic fiasco overseas and repeated London tabloid headlines heckling Romney with insults, such as "Mitt the Twit."

Here's what the networks said pre-Romney. On the July 24 "Good Morning America," ABC reporter Nick Schifrin lamented...