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Dr. Carson is indeed being gracious and more civil than those who attacked him. That does not mean others shouldn't point out the students' and institution their intolerance and hate for someone with differing beliefs. Silence is not the answer; silence empowers the intolerant Left to even more hypocritical acts of intolerance against those who disagree with them.
You think a neurosurgeon of Dr. Carson's caliber lives in the Dark Ages? That is such dimwitted arrogance and outlandish hype totally devoid of fact and logic. You would be lucky to have him work on your brain to help you gain rational thought.
"give" not "given"
The Left, the students, and the dean have been heard; it's time for them to hear from those who support the traditional view of marriage and Dr. Ben Carson. To make a real impact, email your disapproval to their intolerance toward Dr. Carson by contacting the person in charge of media at Johns Hopkins -- khoppe1@jhmi.edu But remember, be civil and factual; don't given them more fodder for their campaign.
And how many Republican or conservative women told you that? None.
Typical. When liberals have nothing of substance or intelligence to offer, they resort to name calling. And btw, if yachtsman used any other word ending in "tard" except "conserva", leftist MSM would be all over it as "racist." Just SOS.
Not all women; numbers of women supporting Romney/Ryan are increasing. No need to decode the lies; the proof lies in actions. Just tell the reasonable ones to look at Romney's relationship with his wife and other women in his life; those relations are the epitome of mutual love and respect. Don't bother with the feminazis; they are beyond reason.
Liberals don't understand that by using propaganda like the "Julia" and "The First Time" piece they are disrespecting women. And some women will finally wake up to the insults. "Julia" is a woman "kept" by the sugar daddy p-mp, the federal government. "The First Time" equating voting for Obama to losing virg-nity is selling s-x for gain, or as others term it, prostit-tion. So that's the administration and Democrats' message; they think of women as wh-res and prostitutes. Note: The - - are due to "inappropriate language."
"And the irony here is that the harder the administration tried to push R-WoW, the more they alienated women. " That's because liberals and the administration underestimated women, another irony. They arrogantly, patronizingly, and prejudicially assumed women vote with their reproductive parts rather than their brains. Women need bumper stickers that state "I vote with my brain not my uterus." Hopefully, the last laugh will be on the shortsighted, arrogant, intolerant, underestimating, patronizing, prejudicial Democrats, who will not understand how they have insulted real women by focusing narrowly on reproductive body parts.
Clarification: Keep all consenting sex between adults in the bedroom. Sex between and adult and a child is always rape and abuse because a child can not give consent. Such should always be exposed and punished to the greatest extent of the law. The younger the victim, the greater the punishment for the perpetrator.
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